2020 Battle Awardees

Meet the awardees of the 2020 competition!



TCF Center Recognized as "Community Safe Haven"

TCF Center in Detroit, MI was recognized as "Community Save Haven" for the 2020 Michigan Battle of the Buildings. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the TCF Center pivoted responsively with the humble question, “How can we help?” Recognizing that they had a large building that could offer space and resources for those in need, the TCF Center quickly became a community safe haven for downtown Detroit. To learn more about their challenges and achievements, stay tuned for our upcoming newsletter highlighting each winner's story. Congratulations, TCF Center!


University of Michigan's Office of Campus Sustainability Recognized as "Campus Collaborator"

A long-time champion, University of Michigan, crushed the competition once again! They were recognized as "Campus Collaborator" for the 2020 Michigan Battle of the Buildings competition. The Office of Campus Sustainability and fellow facilities departments formed a valuable collaboration named the HVAC COVID Workgroup to ensure high standards of safety, responsive building energy management, and holistic campus stewardship in such a dynamic year. Help us congratulate this amazing team!


Emmanuel Episcopal Church Recognized as "Solar Steward"

Michigan Battle of the Buildings gives a big congrats to Emmanuel Episcopal Church, who was awarded as "Solar Steward" in the 2020 competition. Emmanuel Episcopal Church’s energy reduction journey spans a 4 year period starting with the replacement of incandescent light fixtures and the addition of smart thermostats and ends with a congregation mobilizing for a carbon impact bigger than themselves by advocating for policy change and investing in a 20 KW photovoltaic system installed at the 150-year-old church. Emmanuel Episcopal is now enjoying a 60% reduction in net carbon emissions from electricity and natural gas reductions. Thank you for being such a positive influence on the community!


Fifth Third Bank Recognized as "Energy Opportunist"

Fifth Third Bank, another Battle veteran, was awarded as "Energy Opportunist" in the 2020 Michigan Battle of the Buildings at the 2021 Michigan Energy Summit. They accomplished this with an impressive lighting project that had an estimated savings of 1.6 kWh per year. A full-scale LED conversion of more than 6000 fixtures and integrated lighting controls system into the EMS system was proposed, approved, and completed within 2020, resulting in more than an 80% reduction in interior lighting load. Congratulations to Fifth Third and their dedicated team!


Spectrum Health Recognized as "Frontline Energy Hero"

Spectrum Health has stepped up in more ways than one in 2020. They not only led the state and the nation in best practices for COVID pandemic response but were also diligent about energy usage. In the Michigan Battle of the Buildings 2020 competition, Spectrum was awarded as "Frontline Energy Hero". The Spectrum Health facilities team, with over 200 employees strong, worked around the clock, maintaining their momentum while adjusting almost daily to new health & safety protocols. During 2020, the team put in long hours as they adapted existing buildings and outfitted new structures in an immediate response to the COVID pandemic, continued necessary maintenance schedules, and seized the opportunity to complete projects in non-patient areas. Congratulations to Spectrum!


General Motors Recognized as "Resilient Manufacturer"

Congratulations to General Motors for being awarded as "Resilient Manufacturer" in this year's Michigan Battle of the Buildings! GM strategically managed energy use in a diverse portfolio while responding to the healthcare industry’s supply chain needs by providing much-needed PPE to Michiganders at a critical time. To learn more about their challenges and achievements, stay tuned for our upcoming newsletter highlighting each winner's story.

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