The Michigan Battle of the Buildings is an awards and recognition program for energy use reduction open to all Michigan area commercial,  industrial & multi-family buildings.  The program is a way to encourage energy-efficient practices in buildings across the state and to instill a spirit of friendly competition among the area’s building owners and operators.  There is no cost to enter the competition.  

Square Footage of Battle of the Buildings participants in 2021

Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Metric tons of CO2e) eliminated from Battle Competitors from 2014 - 2020


U.S. Dollars put back into the local economy by competitors from 2014-2020 via energy savings

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That's a Wrap! Thank you to all who attended the 2021 Michigan Energy Summit

The 2021 Michigan Energy Summit recognized and celebrated competitors of the Michigan Battle of the Buildings ‘biggest loser’ competition. This year, the summit was hosted under the Grant Pavilion at beautiful Millennium Park in Grand Rapids, one of the nation's largest city parks with 1400 acres of natural landscape. The event featured Cheri Holman, Executive Director, USGBC WM, Brian Rich, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Consumers Energy, H.J. Decker, Sales, and Marketing - DTE Gas,  Webly Bowles, Project Manager New Buildings Institute, Alison Sutter, Sustainability and Performance Management Officer at the City of Grand Rapids who delivered educational elements - with an outdoor twist. Guests participated in a hands-on day of interactive energy and carbon problem solving, fun yard games, and valuable in-person networking.


“As West Michigan’s largest employer, we aim to set an example for other organizations and our staff. Through Michigan Battle of the Buildings, we can showcase our continuous efforts to reduce our energy consumption and compare our efforts to other hospitals within Michigan. This program is a great way to encourage energy efficiency, share project ideas and improve our environmental footprint.”
Sarah Chartier, Spectrum Health


“Being a part of the Battle of the Buildings competition has given Muskegon County the opportunity to measure and analyze our energy usage. All 3 facilities involved may not have reduced their usage over the year, but now we know how to track the usage and set goals for future reductions and savings.”
Sara Damm, Muskegon County


“The Battle of the Buildings competition has been a great for our company. We came into the competition with little knowledge of what it was all about, I mean that we understood the big goal but not how to get there. The people I’ve met through the competition’s educational seminars have helped me frame the right questions I needed to ask about our energy consumption and how we can reduce it. We’ve learned that we operate pretty efficiently already, no “low hanging fruit” for us, which has driven us to look at larger impact items. These larger impact items require creative solutions, which again the people I have met through the competition have guided and continue to guide me towards implementation. This competition is a great hub for different industries to come and work together on creating sustainable and energy efficient companies.”
Brooks Twist, Brewery Vivant


“For Steelcase participation in Battle of the Buildings is a way for us to continue building on work we do every day. By being part of the competition we are hoping to generate awareness and participation throughout the community that benefits us all by keeping Michigan the quality place to live, work and play. Whether we win or just show a competitive spirit, we know that by setting an example and hopefully providing inspiration to others so that the real winner will be the people of West Michigan.”
David Rinard, Steelcase

“Joining the Michigan Battle of the Buildings has enabled Clark Retirement Community to challenge ourselves in exploring a wide array of energy reduction projects in heating, cooling, automated building management systems, lighting, recycling, etc. Participation also provided Clark the opportunity to host a Battle of the Buildings education event. We enjoyed inviting community members and our residents to learn about Green Revolving Funds from a local collegiate expert. Clark challenges other retirement communities to join us in The Battle and involve their residents and staff to Go Green!”
Mike Ignatoski, Clark Retirement Community

"We participate specifically to make contact with building owners or managers that we might be able to assist in retrofit measures to make their buildings better. We did achieve such contacts so we would call the event a success."
Dallas Strong - Commerical Sales, Johnstone Supply 

"We were very happy with the event, it was one of the best shows we have had in a long time from the perspective we got a chance to talk to real decision-makers with real opportunities. Very good use of our resources."

Verde VanSickle, Co-Founder, The Safety Source


Improved energy efficiency can decrease operating expenses and increase property asset value. For example, a 10% decrease in energy use can result to a 1.5% increase in net operating income.

Your business/building will receive free recognition & promotion of your participation in the Michigan Battle of the Buildings

The Michigan Battle of the Buildings program hosts education & networking events throughout the year with the goal of connecting building owners & operators to the rapidly changing resources available in energy conservation.


Your participation will help Michigan be recognized as a community that takes an active approach in ending the war against a changing climate.

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