Building TypeCompany NameBusiness/Company/Property NameProperty AddressAddress Line 2CityTotal Square Footage
Financial Institution5/3 MI100166 Ada5/3 MI100166 Ada475 Ada DriveAda2670.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100168 Callander 44th5/3 MI100168 Callander 44th2065 44th Street SEGrand Rapids5660.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100169 Cascade5/3 MI100169 Cascade6485 28th StreetGrand Rapids4016.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100170 Cheshire5/3 MI100170 Cheshire2209 PlainfieldGrand Rapids3635.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100171 East Grand Rapids5/3 MI100171 East Grand Rapids2201 Wealthy Street SEGrand Rapids3019.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100172 Eastbrook5/3 MI100172 Eastbrook3715 28th Street SEGrand Rapids5475.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100173 Forest Hills5/3 MI100173 Forest Hills4460 Cascade Road SEGrand Rapids4100.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100174 Grand Rapids Downtown5/3 MI100174 Grand Rapids Downtown111 Lyon StreetGrand Rapids256244.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100175 Greenville5/3 MI100175 Greenville410 S Greenville West DriveGreenville4116.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100176 Helms Center5/3 MI100176 Helms Center3785 Plainfield NEGrand Rapids4216.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100177 Knapp Corners5/3 MI100177 Knapp Corners1967 East BeltlineGrand Rapids4400.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100180 Michigan Fuller5/3 MI100180 Michigan Fuller1319 Michigan Sreet NEGrand Rapids3320.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100181 Northland Drive5/3 MI100181 Northland Drive5400 Northland Drive NEGrand Rapids2872.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100183 Rockford5/3 MI100183 Rockford4985 10 Mile RoadRockford2818.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100184 6210 Kalamazoo5/3 MI100184 6210 Kalamazoo6210 KalamazooGrand Rapids5325.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100185 Alpine5/3 MI100185 Alpine805 Leonard Street NWGrand Rapids3060.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100186 Bridge Street5/3 MI100186 Bridge Street700 Bridge Street NWGrand Rapids3024.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100187 Byron Center5/3 MI100187 Byron Center2384 84th Street SWByron Center3600.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100188 Caledonia5/3 MI100188 Caledonia9325 Cherry ValleyCaledonia2950.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100191 Edison Plaza5/3 MI100191 Edison Plaza351 Covell RoadGrand Rapids2689.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100192 Franklin Eastern5/3 MI100192 Franklin Eastern754 Franklin Street SEGrand Rapids2313.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100193 Grandville5/3 MI100193 Grandville3900 Chicago DriveGrandville4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100195 Hudsonville5/3 MI100195 Hudsonville2855 Port Sheldon StreetHudsonville2910.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100203 Westgate5/3 MI100203 Westgate3980 Alpine NWComstock Park3682.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100204 Wilson at 44th5/3 MI100204 Wilson at 44th4460 Wilson Avenue SWGrandville2979.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100205 Wyoming5/3 MI100205 Wyoming2828 Michael SWWyoming5509.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100206 Allegan Main5/3 MI100206 Allegan Main1511 Lincoln RoadAllegan2686.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100207 Bangor5/3 MI100207 Bangor101 West Monroe StreetBangor1008.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100208 Battle Creek Capital5/3 MI100208 Battle Creek Capital630 Capital Avenue SWBattle Creek3800.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100210 Beckley Road5/3 MI100210 Beckley Road6081 B Drive NorthBattle Creek1700.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100211 Burdick Crosstown5/3 MI100211 Burdick Crosstown101 East Crosstown ParkwayKalamazoo12827.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100213 Hillsdale Main5/3 MI100213 Hillsdale Main10 South Broad StreetHillsdale12752.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100215 Kalamazoo5/3 MI100215 KalamazooMain 136 East Michigan AvenueKalamazoo80446.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100218 Milwood5/3 MI100218 Milwood4109 Portage RoadKalamazoo2797.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100219 Otsego5/3 MI100219 Otsego1282 M-89 HighwayPlainwell5093.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100221 Paw Paw5/3 MI100221 Paw Paw37687 Red Arrow HighwayPaw Paw3467.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100223 Richland5/3 MI100223 Richland8020 North 32nd StreetRichland3150.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100224 South Westnedge @ Crossroads5/3 MI100224 South Westnedge @ Crossroads6488 South Westnedge AvenuePortage3425.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100225 Three Rivers5/3 MI100225 Three Rivers216 North Main StreetThree Rivers4186.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100226 West Lake5/3 MI100226 West Lake8910 Portage RoadPortage1330.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100227 Westwood5/3 MI100227 Westwood4705 West Main StreetKalamazoo5035.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100228 Woodbridge5/3 MI100228 Woodbridge3500 West Centre RoadPortage3600.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100229 Ferrysburg5/3 MI100229 Ferrysburg100 3rd StreetFerrysburg2775.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100230 Fremont w/Parking Lot5/3 MI100230 Fremont w/Parking Lot55 West Main StreetFremont5160.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100231 Fruitport West5/3 MI100231 Fruitport West50 Park StreetFrutiport2778.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100232 Grand Haven Main5/3 MI100232 Grand Haven Main233 Washington StreetGrand Haven35013.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100233 Hart5/3 MI100233 Hart424 State StreetHart1991.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100234 Lakes Mall5/3 MI100234 Lakes Mall5217/5600 HarveyMuskegon4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100235 North Muskegon5/3 MI100235 North Muskegon621 Dykstra RoadMuskegon2280.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100237 Robbins Road5/3 MI100237 Robbins Road839 Robbins RoadGrand Haven6695.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100239 Seminole Road5/3 MI100239 Seminole Road710 Seminole RoadNorton Shores11526.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100240 Terrace Street5/3 MI100240 Terrace Street877 Terrace StreetMuskegon1775.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100241 Whitehall5/3 MI100241 Whitehall211 South Mears AvenueWhitehall1700.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100244 Holland Downtown BC5/3 MI100244 Holland Downtown BC36 East Eighth StreetHolland24525.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100246 Southside5/3 MI100246 Southside757 MichiganHolland4725.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100251 Zeeland West5/3 MI100251 Zeeland West523 West MainZeeland3264.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100253 DeWitt5/3 MI100253 DeWitt13007 South US 27Dewitt2420.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100259 Jackson East5/3 MI100259 Jackson East3245 East Michigan AvenueJackson4300.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100262 Mason5/3 MI100262 Mason606 West ColumbiaMason3300.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100264 Okemos5/3 MI100264 Okemos4815 Okemos RoadOkemos2635.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100268 South Pennsylvania5/3 MI100268 South Pennsylvania5620 S Pennsylvania AveLansing4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100272 Williamston5/3 MI100272 Williamston211-225 West Grand RiverWilliamston1977.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100273 Berrien Springs5/3 MI100273 Berrien Springs201 West Mars StreetBerrien Springs3107.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100274 Broadway5/3 MI100274 Broadway322 BroadwayNiles4069.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100276 Cassopolis5/3 MI100276 Cassopolis116 South BroadwayCassopolis5876.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100278 Dowagiac5/3 MI100278 Dowagiac205 South Front StreetDowagiac6000.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100279 Lakeshore5/3 MI100279 Lakeshore1788 W John Beers RoadStevensville2184.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100280 Napier5/3 MI100280 Napier1295 East Napier Ave.Benton Harbor3500.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100281 New Buffalo5/3 MI100281 New BuffaloOne West Buffalo StreetNew Buffalo5077.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100282 St. Joseph Main5/3 MI100282 St. Joseph Main830 Pleasant StreetSaint Joseph40936.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100283 St. Joseph South5/3 MI100283 St. Joseph South2915 South State StreetSaint Joseph4520.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100284 Sawyer5/3 MI100284 Sawyer12912 Three Oaks RoadSawyer4096.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100286 South Haven5/3 MI100286 South Haven601 Phoenix StreetSouth Haven4444.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100305 Coloma w/ DU5/3 MI100305 Coloma w/ DU6553 Paw Paw AvenueColoma1540.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100309 Grand Haven West Drive-Up5/3 MI100309 Grand Haven West Drive-Up201 Columbus StreetGrand Haven404.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100310 Holland Drive-Up5/3 MI100310 Holland Drive-Up10-12 East NinthHolland750.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100316 Watervliet Drive-Up5/3 MI100316 Watervliet Drive-Up384 First StreetWatervliet468.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100318 Monroe Building Main5/3 MI100318 Monroe Building Main200 Monroe NWGrand Rapids112716.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100322 Gezon Parkway5/3 MI100322 Gezon Parkway2301 Gezon Parkway SWWyoming4416.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100323 Argyle Wisner5/3 MI100323 Argyle Wisner1190 West ArgyleJackson4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100324 Jolly Road5/3 MI100324 Jolly Road2112 Jolly RoadOkemos4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100326 Lowell5/3 MI100326 Lowell11915 Fulton Street EastLowell4117.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100330 CSC I5/3 MI100330 CSC I1850 East Paris Avenue SEGrand Rapids206709.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100633 Lambertville5/3 MI100633 Lambertville3559 W. StearnsLambertville3152.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100654 North Monroe5/3 MI100654 North Monroe2133 Telegraph RoadMonroe3152.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100922 Clarkston5/3 MI100922 Clarkston6500 Dixie HighwayClarkston4314.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100923 Highland Towne Center5/3 MI100923 Highland Towne Center411 Town Center DriveHighland3000.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100926 Novi5/3 MI100926 Novi26222 Novi RoadNovi4118.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100928 Southfield5/3 MI100928 Southfield27255 Lahser RoadSouthfield8689.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100929 Royal Oak Woodward5/3 MI100929 Royal Oak Woodward29710 Woodward AvenueRoyal Oak4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100931 Troy5/3 MI100931 Troy2282 W Big Beaver RoadTroy11132.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100932 West Bloomfield5/3 MI100932 West Bloomfield31700 14 Mile RoadWest Bloomfield3545.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100934 Dearborn5/3 MI100934 Dearborn1620 North TelegraphDearborn5859.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100936 Flat Rock w/Lot5/3 MI100936 Flat Rock w/Lot28725 Telegraph RoadFlat Rock5000.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100939 Riverview5/3 MI100939 Riverview17825 Fort StreetRiverview4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100941 West and Hall5/3 MI100941 West and Hall22990 Hall RoadWoodhaven3252.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100942 West Chelsea5/3 MI100942 West Chelsea2040 West RoadTrenton4044.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100944 Armada w/Lot5/3 MI100944 Armada w/Lot74195 Fulton StreetArmada2640.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100945 Fair Haven5/3 MI100945 Fair Haven8920 Dixie HighwayFair Haven4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100946 Fort Gratiot5/3 MI100946 Fort Gratiot3846 Pine GroveFort Gratiot3534.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100947 Marine City5/3 MI100947 Marine City6770 South River RoadMarine City3252.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100948 Marysville5/3 MI100948 Marysville3300 Gratiot AvenueMarysville2100.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100949 Mound @ 255/3 MI100949 Mound @ 2554870 Mound RoadShelby Township1840.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100950 Romeo w/Lot5/3 MI100950 Romeo w/Lot67855 Van Dyke AvenueWashington3952.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100951 Shelby5/3 MI100951 Shelby13555 23 Mile RoadShelby Township3737.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100952 St. Clair5/3 MI100952 St. Clair200 South RiversideSaint Clair11280.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100953 Wadhams5/3 MI100953 Wadhams5314 Lapeer RoadKimball4354.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100954 Chesterfield5/3 MI100954 Chesterfield47000 Gratiot AvenueChesterfield4536.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100955 SURPLUS - Clinton w/Lot5/3 MI100955 SURPLUS - Clinton w/Lot37930 Gratiot Ave.Clinton Township3690.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100956 Dodge Park5/3 MI100956 Dodge Park11555 Sixteen Mile RoadSterling Heights3091.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100957 15th and Groesbeck5/3 MI100957 15th and Groesbeck19233 Fifteen Mile RoadClinton Township4211.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100959 Hall Road5/3 MI100959 Hall Road18800 Hall RoadClinton Township21735.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100960 Harper w/Lot5/3 MI100960 Harper w/Lot34564 Harper RoadClinton Township2496.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100961 Hayes5/3 MI100961 Hayes40980 Hayes RoadClinton Township2706.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100962 North Avenue5/3 MI100962 North Avenue100 Cass AvenueMount Clemens3890.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100964 Durand5/3 MI100964 Durand5300 South Durand RoadDurand2740.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100965 Eastside5/3 MI100965 Eastside2350 East M-21Owosso1900.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100966 Flushing5/3 MI100966 FlushingG-6530 West Pierson RoadFlushing3200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100967 Grand Blanc5/3 MI100967 Grand Blanc12900 South SaginawGrand Blanc4080.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100969 Miller Road5/3 MI100969 Miller Road5232 Miller RoadFlint3576.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100970 Owosso5/3 MI100970 Owosso123 North WashingtonOwosso35355.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100971 Brighton w/ Lot5/3 MI100971 Brighton w/ Lot300 West North StreetBrighton12672.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100973 Grand River5/3 MI100973 Grand River10011 East Grand RiverBrighton3378.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100974 Hamburg5/3 MI100974 Hamburg7500 East M-36Hamburg2880.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100975 Howell5/3 MI100975 Howell3866 East Grand River AvenueHowell48843.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI100978 Warren5/3 MI100978 Warren30700 Van Dyke AvenueWarren4150.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101002 8 Mile/Haggerty5/3 MI101002 8 Mile/Haggerty20205 Haggerty RoadNorthville4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101003 Westland5/3 MI101003 Westland36700 Ford RoadWestland4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101004 Wixom5/3 MI101004 Wixom49895 Grand RiverWixom4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101005 Farmington Hills5/3 MI101005 Farmington Hills33133 W. 12 Mile RoadFarmington Hills16000.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101088 Eastfield5/3 MI101088 Eastfield1028 East Eighth StreetTraverse City1926.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101089 Elk Rapids5/3 MI101089 Elk Rapids120 Ames StreetElk Rapids2864.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101090 Fourteenth Street5/3 MI101090 Fourteenth Street630 West 14th StreetTraverse City2864.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101091 Fifth Third Center - Traverse City5/3 MI101091 Fifth Third Center - Traverse City102 West Front StreetTraverse City27648.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101092 Holiday Hills5/3 MI101092 Holiday Hills2425 Holiday Hills RoadTraverse City2925.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101093 Suttons Bay5/3 MI101093 Suttons Bay120 North St. JosephSuttons Bay2088.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101094 U.S. 31 South5/3 MI101094 U.S. 31 South3535 South Airport Road WestTraverse City16141.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101096 Boyne City5/3 MI101096 Boyne City102 South Lake StreetBoyne City1348.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101098 Grayling5/3 MI101098 Grayling381 South Grayling RoadGrayling1536.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101100 Petoskey Main5/3 MI101100 Petoskey Main300 East MitchellPetoskey28000.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101101 Westside Drive-Up5/3 MI101101 Westside Drive-Up500 MadisonPetoskey770.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101102 Big Rapids Main5/3 MI101102 Big Rapids Main101 North MichiganBig Rapids14880.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101103 Cadillac Main5/3 MI101103 Cadillac Main123 South MitchellCadillac16000.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101107 Mt. Pleasant5/3 MI101107 Mt. Pleasant1114 North MissionMount Pleasant4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101108 North Mitchell5/3 MI101108 North Mitchell1219 North Mitchell StreetCadillac2160.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101111 Big Rapids Michigan Av Drive-Up5/3 MI101111 Big Rapids Michigan Av Drive-Up228 South MichiganBig Rapids324.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101112 Cadillac Main Drive-Up5/3 MI101112 Cadillac Main Drive-Up115 East Cass StreetCadillac694.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101116 Suttons Bay Drive-Up5/3 MI101116 Suttons Bay Drive-Up55 West 4th StreetSuttons Bay956.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101121 Charlotte5/3 MI101121 Charlotte328 Lansing RoadCharlotte4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101122 Riley Street5/3 MI101122 Riley Street12443 Riley StreetHolland4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101123 Milford5/3 MI101123 Milford115 East LibertyMilford4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101126 Jenison5/3 MI101126 Jenison530 Baldwin StreetJenison4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101127 Apple Avenue5/3 MI101127 Apple Avenue1945 East Apple AvenueMuskegon4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101128 18 & Ryan5/3 MI101128 18 & Ryan41122 Ryan RoadSterling Heights4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101129 Royal Oak Main5/3 MI101129 Royal Oak Main803 South Main StreetRoyal Oak4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101130 Monroe Downtown5/3 MI101130 Monroe Downtown453 S. Monroe StreetMonroe7521.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101133 Maple Road5/3 MI101133 Maple Road4512 South Saginaw StreetFlint3500.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101134 Midland5/3 MI101134 Midland321 South Saginaw RoadMidland5016.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101135 Grand Ledge5/3 MI101135 Grand Ledge900 Charlevoix DriveGrand Ledge4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101136 Grosse Pointe Woods5/3 MI101136 Grosse Pointe Woods20065 Mack AvenueGrosse Pointe2017.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101138 East Lansing5/3 MI101138 East Lansing1427 West SaginawEast Lansing4354.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101141 Roseville North5/3 MI101141 Roseville North30379 Gratiot AvenueRoseville4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101144 Butternut Drive5/3 MI101144 Butternut Drive403 Butternut DriveHolland5200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101145 Detroit Eastside5/3 MI101145 Detroit Eastside14820 Gratiot AvenueDetroit4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101146 St. Johns5/3 MI101146 St. Johns1204 South US 27Saint Johns5400.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101147 Alger Heights5/3 MI101147 Alger Heights2456 Eastern AvenueGrand Rapids5400.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101149 Ypsilanti5/3 MI101149 Ypsilanti1940 Wittaker RoadYpsilanti4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101150 White Lake5/3 MI101150 White Lake6615 Highland RoadWhite Lake4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101151 Pontiac5/3 MI101151 Pontiac442 W. HuronPontiac3600.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101152 Grosse Pointe - The Hill5/3 MI101152 Grosse Pointe - The Hill66 KerchevalGrosse Pointe4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101153 Detroit East Jefferson5/3 MI101153 Detroit East Jefferson3201 East JeffersonDetroit4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101154 Tittabawassee Road5/3 MI101154 Tittabawassee Road3390 Tittabawassee RoadSaginaw4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101155 Oshtemo5/3 MI101155 Oshtemo6040 Stadium DriveKalamazoo4300.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101156 Eastside5/3 MI101156 Eastside800 East 16th StreetHolland4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101157 Rockford West5/3 MI101157 Rockford West2805 10 Mile RoadRockford4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101158 8 Mile & Livernois5/3 MI101158 8 Mile & Livernois3927 West Eight Mile RoadDetroit4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101162 Ann Arbor SE5/3 MI101162 Ann Arbor SE3315 Washtenaw AvenueAnn Arbor4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101163 Telegraph & Maple5/3 MI101163 Telegraph & Maple6801 Telegraph RoadBloomfield Hills4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101164 Roseville/Eastpointe5/3 MI101164 Roseville/Eastpointe25950 Gratiot AvenueRoseville4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101165 Waterford5/3 MI101165 Waterford4370 Highland RoadWaterford4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101166 East Dearborn5/3 MI101166 East Dearborn7041 Schafer RoadDearborn4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101167 Rochester Hills North5/3 MI101167 Rochester Hills North1383 South Rochester RoadRochester4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101169 Troy Bishop5/3 MI101169 Troy Bishop3754 Rochester RoadTroy4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101171 Mound / M-595/3 MI101171 Mound / M-5944911 Mound RoadSterling Heights4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101173 Center Road5/3 MI101173 Center Road2315 South Center RoadBurton4250.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101174 54th & Division5/3 MI101174 54th & Division62 54th StreetGrand Rapids4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101176 Bay City5/3 MI101176 Bay City3870 State Street RoadBay City4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101177 Belleville5/3 MI101177 Belleville10444 Belleville RoadVan Buren Township4250.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101178 Hastings5/3 MI101178 Hastings920 West State StreetHastings6000.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101179 Canton South5/3 MI101179 Canton South43710 Ford RoadCanton4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101180 Standale5/3 MI101180 Standale4520 Lake Michigan DriveGrand Rapids4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101181 Ionia5/3 MI101181 Ionia3153 Commerce LaneIonia5200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101182 Gull Road5/3 MI101182 Gull Road5653 Gull RoadKalamazoo4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101183 Saginaw State Street5/3 MI101183 Saginaw State Street5430 State StreetSaginaw4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101185 Breton Village5/3 MI101185 Breton Village2465 Burton StreetGrand Rapids4300.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101186 Beecher & Ballenger5/3 MI101186 Beecher & Ballenger700 South Ballenger HighwayFlint4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101189 Gibraltar5/3 MI101189 Gibraltar20399 Gibraltar RoadBrownstown4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101190 Ann Arbor NE5/3 MI101190 Ann Arbor NE3389 Plymouth RoadAnn Arbor4250.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101191 Chicago Dr./Godfrey5/3 MI101191 Chicago Dr./Godfrey1031 Chicago Drive SWWyoming4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101192 Bertrand5/3 MI101192 Bertrand2753 S. 11th StreetNiles4900.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101193 Taylor5/3 MI101193 Taylor9691 Telegraph RoadTaylor5000.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101194 7 Mile & Telegraph5/3 MI101194 7 Mile & Telegraph19111 Telegraph RoadDetroit7003.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101197 Beck Road5/3 MI101197 Beck Road31125 Beck RoadNovi4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101198 Ann Arbor West5/3 MI101198 Ann Arbor West2090 West Stadium BoulevardAnn Arbor4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101394 Fenton5/3 MI101394 Fenton1231 North Leroy StreetFenton4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101412 Plymouth5/3 MI101412 Plymouth42370 Ann Arbor Rd.Plymouth3311.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101431 Clarkston5/3 MI101431 Clarkston7151 Ortonville RoadClarkston2885.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101481 Ludington5/3 MI101481 Ludington5870 West US 10Ludington4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101524 Haggerty @ Pontiac Trail5/3 MI101524 Haggerty @ Pontiac Trail4747 Haggerty RoadWest Bloomfield4200.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101547 Livonia5/3 MI101547 Livonia33246 Plymouth RoadLivonia5506.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101639 Groesbek5/3 MI101639 Groesbek39907 GroesbeckClinton Township4250.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101717 Orion Township5/3 MI101717 Orion Township4491 InterparkAuburn Hills7688.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101718 Stadium District5/3 MI101718 Stadium District500 East Michigan AvenueLansing4675.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101722 Wayne State University5/3 MI101722 Wayne State University4501 Woodward AvenueDetroit14550.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101731 West Lansing5/3 MI101731 West Lansing5117 West Saginaw HighwayLansing4300.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101803 VanDyke & 25 (Shelby Mound & 25 Relo)5/3 MI101803 VanDyke & 25 (Shelby Mound & 25 Relo)54985 Van Dyke AvenueShelby Township4041.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101946 Greenfield5/3 MI101946 Greenfield23633 GreenfieldSouthfield4275.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI101962 Algonac5/3 MI101962 Algonac1055 St Clair River DriveAlgonac2814.0
Financial Institution5/3 MI102071 Redford5/3 MI102071 Redford9019 Telegraph Rd.Redford2825.0
Warehouse/Distribution/Service5110 Bellevue LLC5110 Bellevue LLC5110 BellevueDetroit80000.0
Multi-Family616 Lofts at the Kendall616 Lofts at the Kendall16 Monroe Center NEGrand Rapids15600.0
Multi-Family616 Lofts on Ionia616 Lofts on Ionia1 Ionia Ave SWGrand Rapids49303.0
Multi-Family616 Lofts on Monroe616 Lofts on Monroe820 Monroe NWGrand Rapids125705.0
Multi-Famliy616 Lofts on Pearl616 Lofts on Pearl139 Pearl NWGrand Rapids16812.0
Multi-Family616 Lofts on Prospect616 Lofts on Prospect253 Prospect NEGrand Rapids23786.0
Other735 Forest LLC735 Forest LLC735 ForestBirmingham38000.0
Other8th Street Properties8th Street Properties500 8th StreetHolland640000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialAbcor IndustriesAbcor Industries4690 128th StreetHolland67000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialAce Controls inc.Ace Controls inc.23435 Industrial Park DriveFarmington Hills73000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialACS Home & WorkACS Home & Work4876 Allen Park Ste 2``Allendale10000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialAction Packaging CaledoniaAction Packaging Caledonia6995 Southbelt DrCaledonia110000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialAction Packaging JacksonAction Packaging Jackson2400 E High StJackson145000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialAdvance PackagingAdvance Packaging4459 40th St SEGrand Rapids400500.0
Place of WorshipAldersgate United Methodist ChurchAldersgate United Methodist Church2206 Airfield LaneMidland35000.0
EducationAll Things Graphic and MoreAll Things Graphic and More27218 Michigan AveInkster
Manufacturing/IndustrialAllied Mechanical Services - Grand RapidsAllied Mechanical Services - Grand Rapids3860 Roger B Chaffee SEGrand Rapids60000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialAllied Mechanical Services - JacksonAllied Mechanical Services - Jackson3101 Allied DrJackson10000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialAllied Mechanical Services - KalamazooAllied Mechanical Services - Kalamazoo5688 E ML AveKalamazoo10000.0
OfficeAmerican AxleAmerican Axle1 DAUCH DRDETROIT219846.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantAmway Grand PlazaAmway Grand Plaza178 Monroe Ave NWGrand Rapids1000000.0
OtherAmway World HeadquartersAmway World Headquarters7575 E FultonAda3006332.0
Multi-familyAnnsbury condo Association
RetailApothecary Gift ShopApothecary Gift Shop35 W 8th StHolland15000.0
OfficeApplied Imaging / CorporateApplied Imaging / Corporate5555 Glenwood Hills Pkwy SEGrand Rapids46000.0
UniversityAquinas CollegeAquinas College1700 Fulton St EGrand Rapids776097.0
UniversityAquinas CollegeAquinas College1607 Robinson Rd SEGrand Rapids648806.0
OfficeAshford Financial GroupAshford Financial Group2901 Ross CourtMidland4422.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantASM GlobalHuntington Place Detroit1 Washington Blvd.Detroit2400000.0
Health/HospitalAspirus Keweenaw HospitalAspirus Keweenaw Hospital205 Osceola StreetLaurium128179.0
OfficeAtomic Object
Manufacturing/IndustrialAutodie LLCAutodie LLC44 Coldbrook NWGrand Rapids489000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialAutomatic Spring & Stamping - HayesAutomatic Spring & Stamping - Hayes16955 Hayes StGrand Haven55000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialAutomatic Spring & Stamping - TaylorAutomatic Spring & Stamping - Taylor803 Taylor AveGrand Haven100000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialAutomotive Assembly/Detroit Manufacturing Systems/Gateway Industrial CenterAutomotive Assembly/Detroit Manufacturing Systems/Gateway Industrial Center12701 Southfield RoadDetroit480332.0
RetailAVB Dealerships Cole - Century 6600AVB Dealerships Cole - Century 66006600 S Westnedge AvePortage13500.0
RetailAVB Dealerships Cole - Century 6602AVB Dealerships Cole - Century 66026602 S Westnedge AvePortage31750.0
RetailAVB Dealerships Cole - ChryslerAVB Dealerships Cole - Chrysler15514 W. Michigan AveMarshall16330.0
RetailAVB Dealerships Cole - Ford-LincolnAVB Dealerships Cole - Ford-Lincoln410 E. Chicago St.Coldwater22552.0
RetailAVB Dealerships Cole - Krum ChevroletAVB Dealerships Cole - Krum Chevrolet12707 US N. 131Schoolcraft19455.0
RetailAVB Dealerships Cole - NissanAVB Dealerships Cole - Nissan3003 Stadium DriveKalamazoo18050.0
UniversityBaker College of JacksonBaker College of Jackson2800 Springport RoadJackson115000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialBANNER BROACH & MACHINE LLC
RetailBarber Ford MainBarber Ford Main640 E. 8th StreetHolland53200.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantBarFly HCA2 - Ann ArborBarFly HCA2 - Ann Arbor311 Maynard StAnn Arbor8061.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantBarFly HCDE - DetroitBarFly HCDE - Detroit4265 Woodward AveDetroit12420.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantBarFly HCEL - East LansingBarFly HCEL - East Lansing300 Grove St #SUITEAEast Lansing8300.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantBarFly The WaldronBarFly The Waldron58 Ionia Ave SWGrand Rapids12000.0
OfficeBayside Capital ManagementBayside Capital Management151 Central AveHolland30000.0
Multi-FamilyBeach Club DetroitBeach Club Detroit7700 East JeffersonDetroit
OtherBeanstalk Real Estate Solutions, LLCSAMARITAN CENTER, INC.5555 Conner StreetSuite 2210Detroit444475.0
Health/HospitalBeaumont Hospital DearbornBeaumont Hospital Dearborn18101 Oakwood Blvd.Dearborn1021194.0
Health/HospitalBeaumont Hospital Farmington HillsBeaumont Hospital Farmington Hills28050 Grand River AveFarmington Hills563541.0
Health/HospitalBeaumont Hospital Grosse PointeBeaumont Hospital Grosse Pointe468 Cadieux Rd.Grosse Pointe366580.0
Health/HospitalBeaumont Hospital Royal Oak CampusBeaumont Hospital Royal Oak Campus3601 W 13 Mile RdRoyal Oak3209086.0
Health/HospitalBeaumont Hospital TaylorBeaumont Hospital Taylor1000 Telegraph RdTaylor349225.0
Health/HospitalBeaumont Hospital TrentonBeaumont Hospital Trenton5450 FortTrenton373415.0
Health/HospitalBeaumont Hospital TroyBeaumont Hospital Troy44201 Dequindre RdTroy1369148.0
Health/HospitalBeaumont Hospital WayneBeaumont Hospital Wayne33155 AnnapolisWayne254091.0
Entertainment/Hotel/Restaurant & OfficeBedrock DetroitBedrock - Ally Detroit Center500 WoodwardDetroit1104004.0
Entertainment/Hotel/Restaurant, Financial Institution, House of Worship, OtherBedrock DetroitBedrock - Chase Tower611 WoodwardDetroit572820.0
Entertainment/Hotel/Restaurant, Financial Institution, OfficeBedrock DetroitBedrock - Chrysler House719 GriswoldDetroit374315.0
EducationBelding High SchoolBelding High School850 Hall StBelding239161.0
EducationBelding Middle SchoolBelding Middle School410 Ionia StBelding97300.0
Multi-FamilyBellevue PlaceBellevue Place226 East StreetBellevue24400.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialBenteler AutomotiveBenteler Automotive533 Ottawa AveHolland500000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialBenteler Automotive - GalesburgBenteler Automotive - Galesburg9000 E. Michigan AveGalesburg220000.0
Place of WorshipBethany Lutheran ChurchBethany Lutheran Church11475 East Outer DriveDetroit50474.0
Health/HospitalBig Rapids HospitalBig Rapids Hospital605 Oak StreetBig Rapids144532.0
RetailBlack Bottom Businesses, LLCBlack Bottom Businesses, LLC1812 Field StDetroit9099.0
Health/HospitalBlodgett HospitalBlodgett Hospital1840 WealthyEast Grand Rapids1533604.0
RetailBody Relief 4UBody Relief 4U16060 Eureka RoadSouthgate874.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantBrewery Vivant - Brewery & PubBrewery Vivant - Brewery & Pub925 Cherry St SEGrand Rapids9000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceBrewery Vivant WarehouseBrewery Vivant Warehouse1041 Fulton St EGrand Rapids5000.0
Health/HospitalBronson Battle CreekBronson Battle Creek300 North AveBattle Creek526694.0
Health/HospitalBronson Lakeview HospitalBronson Lakeview Hospital408 Hazen StPaw Paw902070.0
Health/HospitalBronson Methodist HospitalBronson Methodist Hospital601 John Stbox 85Kalamazoo1368204.0
Multi-FamilyBrookline Partners LLC (Heatherwood Apartments)Brookline Partners LLC (Heatherwood Apartments)1672 Heatherwood Dr, Unit 103 OfficeInkster123984.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceBussellBussell11851 Fairway DrSouth Lyon900.0
Health/HospitalButterworth (hospital)Butterworth (hospital)100 Michigan St NEGrand Rapids2418799.0
RetailC&E MarketC&E Market6975 W Division StCadillac1500.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialCAE IncCAE Inc10087 industrial drivepo box 430hamburg9000.0
EducationCaledonia Community SchoolsCaledonia Community Schools8944 Kraft Ave., SECaledonia1000000.0
Place of WorshipCalvary Baptist ChurchCalvary Baptist Church517 W 32nd StHolland40000.0
Place of WorshipCalvary Christian ChurchCalvary Christian Church7315 Corunna Rd18000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialCascade Engineering - GR ManufacturingCascade Engineering - GR Manufacturing3400 Innovation Ct. SEGrand Rapids434567.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialCascade Engineering 33rd StreetCascade Engineering 33rd Street5050 33rd Street SEGrand Rapids51200.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialCascade Engineering Buursma PlantCascade Engineering Buursma Plant4950 37th Street SEGrand Rapids57391.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialCascade Engineering DecadeCascade Engineering Decade3710 Sysco Ct.Grand Rapids60000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCascade Engineering East PlantCascade Engineering East Plant5175 36th Street SEGrand Rapids39100.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialCascade Engineering NobleCascade Engineering Noble4855 37th Street SEGrand Rapids36546.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialCascade Engineering North PlantCascade Engineering North Plant5145 36th Street SEGrand Rapids53400.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialCascade Engineering South PlantCascade Engineering South Plant5141 36th Street SEGrand Rapids55730.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialCascade Engineering West PlantCascade Engineering West Plant5055 36th Street SEGrand Rapids81200.0
OfficeCascade Engineering-The Learning CommunityCascade Engineering-The Learning Community3400 Innovation Ct. SEGrand Rapids30755.0
OfficeCatalyst PartnersCatalyst Partners502 Second Street NWSuite 200Grand Rapids3950.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantCelebration Cinema - 1450 28th StCelebration Cinema - 1450 28th St1450 28th StGrand Rapids5000.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantCelebration Cinema - Benton HarborCelebration Cinema - Benton Harbor1468 Cinema WayBenton Harbor60600.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantCelebration Cinema - Cinema CarouselCelebration Cinema - Cinema Carousel4289 Grand Haven RdMuskegon77500.0
VenueCelebration Cinema - CrossroadsCelebration Cinema - Crossroads6600 Ring RdPortage10000.0
VenueCelebration Cinema - LansingCelebration Cinema - Lansing200 E Edgewood BlvdLansing10000.0
VenueCelebration Cinema - Mt. PleasantCelebration Cinema - Mt. Pleasant4935 E PickardMt. Pleasant10000.0
VenueCelebration Cinema - NorthCelebration Cinema - North2121 Celebration Drive NEGrand Rapids10000.0
VenueCelebration Cinema - Plaza 1 & 2Celebration Cinema - Plaza 1 & 23450 Henry StMuskegon10000.0
VenueCelebration Cinema - RivertownCelebration Cinema - Rivertown3728 Rivertown ParkwayGrand Rapids10000.0
VenueCelebration Cinema - SouthCelebration Cinema - South1506 Eastport Drive SEGrand Rapids10000.0
VenueCelebration Cinema - Studio C Meridian MallCelebration Cinema - Studio C Meridian Mall1999 Central Park DrOkemos10000.0
VenueCelebration Cinema - WoodlandCelebration Cinema - Woodland3195 28th StGrand Rapids10000.0
VenueCelebration Cinema- Getty Drive InCelebration Cinema- Getty Drive In920 E Summit AveMuskegon10000.0
RetailCentral Park MarketCentral Park Market1158 S Shore DrHolland6000.0
RetailChili Peppers Tanning New Baltimore35302 23 MileNew Baltimore1000.0
Place of WorshipChurch of the MessiahChurch of the Messiah231 E Grand BlvdDetroit
Place of WorshipChurch of the ServantChurch of the Servant3835 Burton St SEGrand Rapids45000.0
EducationCity High/MiddleCity High/Middle1720 Plainfield Avenue NortheastGrand Rapids283851.0
OfficeCity of City of Grand RapidsCity of City of Grand Rapids1900 Oak Industrial Dr NEGrand Rapids80000.0
OtherCity of East JordanLift 6 - new for 2021101 BartlettEast Jordan96.0
OtherCity of East JordanLift 7 - new for 2021103 Bridge St.East Jordan50.0
OtherCity of East JordanLift 1 - new for 2021114 Garfield StreetEast Jordan70.0
OtherCity of East JordanLift 4 - new for 2021180 N. Lake St.East Jordan20.0
OtherCity of East JordanLift 5 - new for 20212000 Utility LaneEast Jordan70.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of East JordanPump House6243 Rogers RoadEast Jordan240.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of East JordanLift 299 Mill StreetEast Jordan392.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of East JordanLift 3202 Water StreetEast Jordan392.0
OtherCity of East JordanWastewater Plant6100 Airport DriveEast Jordan2705.0
OtherCity of GR - Ottawa Parking RampCity of GR - Ottawa Parking Ramp50 Ottawa Ave NWGrand Rapids251000.0
OfficeCity of Grand 601 Ottawa AveCity of Grand 601 Ottawa Ave601 Ottawa Ave NWGrand Rapids23312.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand RapidsWilcox Park Lodge100 Youell Ave SeGrand Rapids1830.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand RapidsRichmond Park Lodge1101 Richmond NWGrand Rapids1460.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand RapidsRefuse Storage211 Market Ave SWGrand Rapids19040.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand RapidsLincoln Park Lodge231 Marion NWGrand Rapids1725.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand RapidsNAPA235 Market Ave SWGrand Rapids10800.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand RapidsMacKay Jaycee Maintenance Building2531 Kalamazoo Ave SeGrand Rapids800.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand RapidsRiverside Park North Building3075 Monroe AveGrand Rapids1120.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand RapidsFleet Dept333 Market Ave SWGrand Rapids49700.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand Rapids - 273 MarketCity of Grand Rapids - 273 Market273 Market Ave SWGrand Rapids46113.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids - Briggs Park Filter BuildingCity of Grand Rapids - Briggs Park Filter Building350 Knapp St NEGrand Rapids720.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids - Briggs Park Pool Bath HouseCity of Grand Rapids - Briggs Park Pool Bath House350 Knapp St NEGrand Rapids4580.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids - Burton St. StationCity of Grand Rapids - Burton St. Station2941 Burton St SEGrand Rapids7706.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids - Government Center RampCity of Grand Rapids - Government Center Ramp300 Monroe Ave NWGrand Rapids469300.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids - GR Public MuseumCity of Grand Rapids - GR Public Museum272 Pearl St NWGrand Rapids157000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand Rapids - Indian Trails Cart ShedCity of Grand Rapids - Indian Trails Cart Shed2776 Kalamazoo Ave SEGrand Rapids700.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantCity of Grand Rapids - Indian Trails Golf ClubhouseCity of Grand Rapids - Indian Trails Golf Clubhouse2776 Kalamazoo Ave SeGrand Rapids1500.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand Rapids - Indian Trails Golf CourseCity of Grand Rapids - Indian Trails Golf Course2776 Kalamazoo Ave SeGrand Rapids1000.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids - LMFPCity of Grand Rapids - LMFP17350 Lake Michigan DrWest Olive458300.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand Rapids - Streets GarageCity of Grand Rapids - Streets Garage265 Market Ave SWGrand Rapids56400.0
EducationCity of Grand Rapids Belkum BranchCity of Grand Rapids Belkum Branch1563 Plainfield Ave NEGrand Rapids4600.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Booster A StationCity of Grand Rapids Booster A Station249 Fuller Ave NEGrand Rapids900.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Bridge St. StationCity of Grand Rapids Bridge St. Station500 Bridge St NWGrand Rapids12930.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids BridgeviewCity of Grand Rapids Bridgeview509 Wealthy St SWGrand Rapids32471.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand Rapids Bridgeview WarehouseCity of Grand Rapids Bridgeview Warehouse509 Wealthy St SWGrand Rapids17427.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids CARCCity of Grand Rapids CARC223 Washington St SEGrand Rapids138658.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Cherry Park OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Cherry Park Office725 CherryGrand Rapids1100.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Chester St. StationCity of Grand Rapids Chester St. Station1002 Chester St SEGrand Rapids2310.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids City HallCity of Grand Rapids City Hall300 Monroe Ave NWGrand Rapids97820.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand Rapids Coldbrook Attached GarageCity of Grand Rapids Coldbrook Attached Garage1101 Monroe Ave NwGrand Rapids10200.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Coldbrook Office AreasCity of Grand Rapids Coldbrook Office Areas1101 Monroe Ave NWGrand Rapids25600.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Covell St. StationCity of Grand Rapids Covell St. Station1154 Covell Ave NWGrand Rapids5942.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Development CenterCity of Grand Rapids Development Center1120 Monroe Ave NWGrand Rapids58200.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Development Center AnnexCity of Grand Rapids Development Center Annex1110 Monroe Ave NEGrand Rapids1529.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Division St. StationCity of Grand Rapids Division St. Station1734 S Division AveGrand Rapids5616.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Facilities DepartmentCity of Grand Rapids Facilities Department201 Market SWGrand Rapids56120.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Fairplains Cemetery OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Fairplains Cemetery Office2056 Diamond Avenue NEGrand Rapids672.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Franklin St. StationCity of Grand Rapids Franklin St. Station115 Franklin St SWGrand Rapids9796.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Fulton Street Farmers Market OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Fulton Street Farmers Market Office1145 East FultonGrand Rapids1428.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Garfield Park GymnasiumCity of Grand Rapids Garfield Park Gymnasium2111 Madison SEGrand Rapids4000.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Garfield Park Lodge OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Garfield Park Lodge Office250 Burton Street SEGrand Rapids740.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Greenwood Cemetery OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Greenwood Cemetery Office1401 Leonard Street NWGrand Rapids575.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand Rapids Indian Trails Golf Maintenance BuildingCity of Grand Rapids Indian Trails Golf Maintenance Building2530 Kalamazoo Ave SeGrand Rapids1000.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Kalamazoo StationCity of Grand Rapids Kalamazoo Station2541 Kalamazoo Ave SEGrand Rapids12944.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids LaGrave St. StationCity of Grand Rapids LaGrave St. Station38 La Grave Ave SeGrand Rapids26130.0
EducationCity of Grand Rapids Leonard BranchCity of Grand Rapids Leonard Branch1017 Leonard St NWGrand Rapids10500.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Leonard St. StationCity of Grand Rapids Leonard St. Station1755 Leonard St NEGrand Rapids7706.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand Rapids MacKay Jaycee Maintenance BuildingCity of Grand Rapids MacKay Jaycee Maintenance Building2531 Kalamazoo Ave SeGrand Rapids800.0
EducationCity of Grand Rapids Madison Square BranchCity of Grand Rapids Madison Square Branch1201 Madison Ave SEGrand Rapids4700.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Martin Luther King Park LodgeCity of Grand Rapids Martin Luther King Park Lodge900 Fuller Avenue SEGrand Rapids8000.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Monroe St. StationCity of Grand Rapids Monroe St. Station1181 Monroe Ave NWGrand Rapids1181.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Mullick School Park OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Mullick School Park Office1761 RosewoodGrand Rapids500.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand Rapids North Yard Storage BuildingCity of Grand Rapids North Yard Storage Building1401 Monroe Ave NWGrand Rapids1700.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Oakhill Cemetery OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Oakhill Cemetery Office647 Hall StGrand Rapids400.0
EducationCity of Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills BranchCity of Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills Branch150 Giddings Ave SEGrand Rapids4300.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Parks OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Parks Office201 Market Ave SWGrand Rapids56129.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Paul I. Phillips ComplexCity of Grand Rapids Paul I. Phillips Complex726 Madison Ave SEGrand Rapids26500.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Paul I. Phillips GymnasiumCity of Grand Rapids Paul I. Phillips Gymnasium145 FranklinGrand Rapids1000.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Plainfield St. StationCity of Grand Rapids Plainfield St. Station2251 Plainfield Ave NEGrand Rapids4938.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Police DepartmentCity of Grand Rapids Police Department1 Monroe Center St NWGrand Rapids170314.0
EducationCity of Grand Rapids Public Library MainCity of Grand Rapids Public Library Main111 Library St NEGrand Rapids151200.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Richmond Park Pool Bath HouseCity of Grand Rapids Richmond Park Pool Bath House963 RichmondGrand Rapids8000.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids Roosevelt Park LodgeCity of Grand Rapids Roosevelt Park Lodge723 Van RaalteGrand Rapids7000.0
EducationCity of Grand Rapids Seymour BranchCity of Grand Rapids Seymour Branch2350 Eastern Ave SEGrand Rapids11600.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Veterans Memorial Park OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Veterans Memorial Park Office101 East FultonGrand Rapids500.0
EducationCity of Grand rapids Voigt Carriage BarnCity of Grand rapids Voigt Carriage Barn115 College Ave SEGrand Rapids1575.0
EducationCity of Grand Rapids Voigt HouseCity of Grand Rapids Voigt House115 College Ave SEGrand Rapids9900.0
EducationCity of Grand Rapids West Side BranchCity of Grand Rapids West Side Branch713 Bridge St NWGrand Rapids8600.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Westside ComplexCity of Grand Rapids Westside Complex215 Straight St NWGrand Rapids19700.0
OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Woodland Cemetery OfficeCity of Grand Rapids Woodland Cemetery Office2530 Kalamazoo Avenue SEGrand Rapids715.0
Place of WorshipCity of Grand Rapids Woodlawn Cemetery ChapelCity of Grand Rapids Woodlawn Cemetery Chapel2501 Kalamazoo SEGrand Rapids700.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of Grand Rapids Woodlawn Cemetery Service BuildingCity of Grand Rapids Woodlawn Cemetery Service Building2530 Kalamazoo Avenue SEGrand Rapids1500.0
OtherCity of Grand Rapids WRRFCity of Grand Rapids WRRF1300 Market Ave SWGrand Rapids200000.0
EducationCity of Grand Rapids Yankee Clipper BranchCity of Grand Rapids Yankee Clipper Branch2025 Leonard St NEGrand Rapids10000.0
OfficeCity of KentwoodJustice Center, City of Kentwood4740 Walma Ave SE57849.0
OfficeCity of KentwoodCity Hall, City of Kentwood4900 Breton Rd. SEKentwood29029.0
EducationCity of KentwoodLibrary, City of Kentwood4950 Breton Rd. SE45244.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCity of KentwoodDPW5068 Breton Rd. SE53380.0
OtherCity of MuskegonCity of Muskegon1350 E. KeatingMuskegon101000.0
OfficeCJO Property Group, LLCCJO Property Group, LLC2468 Riopelle, Detroit, MI 482072462 - 2472 Riopelle St.Detroit16500.0
Multi-FamilyClark Retirement CommunityClark Retirement Community1551 Franklin St SEGrand Rapids262810.0
EducationClarkston Community Schools - Andersonville ElementaryClarkston Community Schools - Andersonville Elementary10350 Andersonville RdDavisburg56643.0
EducationClarkston Community Schools - Bailey Lake ElementaryClarkston Community Schools - Bailey Lake Elementary8051 Pine Knob RdClarkston62742.0
EducationClarkston Community Schools - Clarkston ElementaryClarkston Community Schools - Clarkston Elementary6589 Waldon RdClarkston62092.0
EducationClarkston Community Schools - Clarkston High SchoolClarkston Community Schools - Clarkston High School6093 Flemings Lake RdClarkston423066.0
EducationClarkston Community Schools - Clarkston Junior HighClarkston Community Schools - Clarkston Junior High6595 Waldon RdClarkston232027.0
EducationClarkston Community Schools - Early Childhood Center / Administration OfficeClarkston Community Schools - Early Childhood Center / Administration Office6389 Clarkston RdClarkston68925.0
EducationClarkston Community Schools - Independence ElementaryClarkston Community Schools - Independence Elementary6850 Hubbard RdClarkston70967.0
EducationClarkston Community Schools - North Sashabaw ElementaryClarkston Community Schools - North Sashabaw Elementary5290 Maybee RdClarkston55732.0
EducationClarkston Community Schools - Pine Knob ElementaryClarkston Community Schools - Pine Knob Elementary6020 Sashabaw RdClarkston64556.0
EducationClarkston Community Schools - Renaissance High SchoolClarkston Community Schools - Renaissance High School6558 Waldon RdClarkston63189.0
EducationClarkston Community Schools - Sashabaw Middle SchoolClarkston Community Schools - Sashabaw Middle School5565 Pine Knob LaneClarkston270713.0
EducationClarkston Community Schools - Springfield Plains ElementaryClarkston Community Schools - Springfield Plains Elementary8650 Holcomb RdClarkston75145.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialClassic Turning Inc. Dwight Street Plant (GLMF)Classic Turning Inc. Dwight Street Plant (GLMF)120 S Dwight StJackson15000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialClassic Turning Inc. McDivitt Street Plant (CT2)Classic Turning Inc. McDivitt Street Plant (CT2)4905 James McDevitt StJackson15000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialClassic Turning Inc. South Street Plant (CT1)Classic Turning Inc. South Street Plant (CT1)3000 E South StJackson32000.0
OtherCLI Concrete Leveling, Inc.1659 Beverly AveYpsilanti6745.0
RetailCLS Holding Company3625 Metro Mall StWayne2500.0
RetailCLS Holding Company3633 Metro Mall StWayne1450.0
RetailCLS Holding Company3641 Metro Mall StWayne700.0
RetailCLS Holding Company3649 Metro Mall StWayne2000.0
RetailCLS Holding Company3653 Metro Mall StWayne3000.0
RetailCLS Holding Company3685 Metro MallWayne3000.0
RetailCLS Holding Company3695 Metro Mall StWayne5000.0
RetailCLS Holding Company3697 Metro Mall StWayne4000.0
RetailCLS Holding Company3701 Metro Mall StWayne5000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialCMA - MainCMA - Main17087 HayesGrand Haven100000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialCoastal ContainerCoastal Container1201 Industrial Ave.Holland235000.0
Multi-FamilyCOH Greenfield Apartments LLCCOH Greenfield Apartments LLC17371 Greenfield RdDetroit32884.0
OfficeColdbrook Pumping StationColdbrook Pumping Station1101 Monroe Ave NWGrand Rapids40000.0
Multi-FamilyColliers internationalRiver House Condos335 Bridge St NWGrand Rapids100000.0
Financial InstitutionComerica Bank - MI-091 Midland DowntownComerica Bank - MI-091 Midland Downtown201 McDonald StMidland6765.0
Financial InstitutionComerica Bank MI 060 MarcoComerica Bank MI 060 Marco20180 Mack Ave.Grosee Pointe Woods14386.0
Financial InstitutionComerica Bank MI-024 CBCComerica Bank MI-024 CBC411 W. Lafayette Blvd.Detroit437358.0
Financial InstitutionComerica Bank MI-054 Michigan AmericanComerica Bank MI-054 Michigan American16150 Michigan AvenueDearborn13609.0
Financial InstitutionComerica Bank MI-058 Grand River-DrakeComerica Bank MI-058 Grand River-Drake35405 Grand RiverFarmington20914.0
Financial InstitutionComerica Bank MI-064 AHOCComerica Bank MI-064 AHOC3701 Hamlin RdAuburn Hills371163.0
Financial InstitutionComerica Bank MI-065 OaktecComerica Bank MI-065 Oaktec3551 Hamlin RdAuburn Hills197918.0
Financial InstitutionComerica Bank MI-066 HFCComerica Bank MI-066 HFC3501 Hamlin Rd.Auburn Hills30929.0
Financial InstitutionComerica Bank MI-068 Stadium PaulineComerica Bank MI-068 Stadium Pauline1969 West Stadium BlvdAnn Arbor157950.0
Financial InstitutionComerica Bank MI-093 LOCComerica Bank MI-093 LOC39200 W. 6 Mile Rd.Livonia382364.0
Financial InstitutionComerica Bank MI-263 Michigan-MasonComerica Bank MI-263 Michigan-Mason22101 Michigan Ave.Dearborn13068.0
Financial InstitutionComerica MI-097 Jackson MainComerica MI-097 Jackson Main245 W Michigan AveJackson36534.0
OfficeComfort ResearchComfort Research1719 Elizabeth Ave NWGrand Rapids145000.0
RetailCommunity Living ServicesCOMMUNITY LIVING SRV INC and CLS HOLDING COMPANY35425 W Michigan AveWayne66091.0
RetailCommunity Living ServicesCOMMUNITY LIVING SRV INC and CLS HOLDING COMPANY3617 Metro Mall StWayne2000.0
RetailCommunity Living ServicesCOMMUNITY LIVING SRV INC and CLS HOLDING COMPANY3669 Metro Mall StWayne1259.0
RetailCommunity Living ServicesCOMMUNITY LIVING SRV INC and CLS HOLDING COMPANY3677 Metro Mall StWayne1000.0
RetailCommunity Living ServicesCOMMUNITY LIVING SRV INC and CLS HOLDING COMPANY3713 metro mall stwayne2000.0
Place of WorshipCommunity of ChristCommunity of Christ - Church Building16621 Lahser RdDetroit9178.0
OfficeCommunity of ChristCommunity of Christ - Office Bldg.16631 Lahser RdDetroit3960.0
OfficeCompliance SystemsCompliance Systems1575 Arboretum DrSuite 406Grand Rapids23208.0
OfficeConsumers EnergyConsumers EnergyConsumers Energy Groveland Service Center14500 Dixie HighwayHolly20955.0
OfficeConsumers Energy - One Energy PlazaConsumers Energy - One Energy Plaza1 Energy DrJackson487046.0
OfficeConsumers Energy Alma Service CenterConsumers Energy Alma Service Center1325 WrightAlma358668.0
OfficeConsumers Energy Bad Axe Service CenterConsumers Energy Bad Axe Service Center696 North Crescent RoadBad Axe7130.0
OfficeConsumers Energy Bay City Service CenterConsumers Energy Bay City Service Center4141 E. Wilder Rd.Bay City170451.0
OfficeConsumers Energy Howell Service CenterConsumers Energy Howell Service CenterGrand Oaks DriveHowell20565.0
OfficeConsumers Energy Lansing Service CenterConsumers Energy Lansing Service Center530 West WillowLansing134707.0
OfficeConsumers Energy Marshall Service CenterConsumers Energy Marshall Service Center1220 S Kalamazoo AveMarshall24784.0
OfficeConsumers Energy Muskegon Service CenterConsumers Energy Muskegon Service Center151 N Causeway St,Muskegon41267.0
OfficeConsumers Energy North Kent Service CenterConsumers Energy North Kent Service Center679 S State St.Sparta44708.0
OfficeConsumers Energy Parnall Service CenterConsumers Energy Parnall Service Center1945 West Parnall Rd.Jackson329354.0
OfficeConsumers Energy Royal Oak Service CenterConsumers Energy Royal Oak Service Center4600 Coolidge HighwayRoyal Oak142418.0
OfficeConsumers Energy Saginaw Service CenterConsumers Energy Saginaw Service Center2400 Weiss StreetSaginaw197026.0
OfficeConsumers Energy West Branch Service CenterConsumers Energy West Branch Service Center4100 Michigan 76 WWest Branch28267.0
OfficeConsumers Energy West Kent Service CenterConsumers Energy West Kent Service Center4000 Clay Ave SWGrand Rapids145142.0
Health/HospitalCorewell HealthBeaumont Medical Center, Macomb15979 Hall RoadMacomb Twp55986.0
Health/HospitalCorewell HealthBeaumont Service Center26901 Beaumont BlvdSouthfield686058.0
Health/HospitalCorewell HealthBeaumont Health Center4949 Coolidge HwyRoyal Oak113509.0
EducationCorktown Historic DevelopmentVictoiran2019 DalzelleDetroit3495.0
Multi-FamilyCorktown Historic DevelopmentThe Duplex2087 Vermont StreetDetroit1650.0
RetailCorner GroceryCorner Grocery339 FairbanksMarine City2100.0
Health/HospitalCovenant - Cooper, Houghton ECCCovenant - Cooper, Houghton ECC700 Cooper StSaginaw595768.0
Health/HospitalCovenant - HarrisonCovenant - Harrison1447 Harrison StreetSaginaw355894.0
Health/HospitalCovenant - MichiganCovenant - Michigan515 N. MichiganSaginaw114363.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialCreative WindowsCreative Windows2216 S Industrial HwyAnn Arbor5800.0
RetailCrown Motors - Crown CentralCrown Motors - Crown Central1133 Central AveHolland21000.0
RetailCrown Motors - Crown RegentCrown Motors - Crown Regent196 Regent BlvdHolland53000.0
RetailCrown Motors - The MallCrown Motors - The Mall13001 New Holland StHolland18000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceCrown Warehouse & LogisticsCrown Warehouse & Logistics1825 Rust AvenueSaginaw298306.0
UniversityCulinary Institute of Michigan, MuskegonCulinary Institute of Michigan, Muskegon336 W Clay AveMuskegon40000.0
Multi-FamilyD-Town Grand LLCD-Town Grand LLC3040 E Grand BlvdDetroit
EducationDavison High SchoolDavison High School1250 N. OakDavison274980.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialDAYCO - HillsdaleDAYCO - Hillsdale215 Industrial DriveHillsdale18000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialDAYCO - Mt PleasantDAYCO - Mt Pleasant1799 Gover ParkwayMt. Pleasant100000.0
Health/HospitalDeckerville Community HospitalDeckerville Community HospitalPO BOX 1263559 Pine StreetDeckerville16033.0
RetailDelux Tents and Events
RetailDeNooyer Chevrolet - HollandDeNooyer Chevrolet - Holland600 E 8th StHolland39000.0
RetailDeNooyer Chevrolet - Kalamazoo DeNooyer ChevyDeNooyer Chevrolet - Kalamazoo DeNooyer Chevy5800 Stadium DrKalamazoo53329.0
RetailDeNooyer Chevrolet - Kalamazoo Metro ToyotaDeNooyer Chevrolet - Kalamazoo Metro Toyota5850 Stadium DrHolland57852.0
RetailDeNooyer Chevrolet - Kalamazoo Metro UsedDeNooyer Chevrolet - Kalamazoo Metro Used5900 Stadium DrKalamazoo6500.0
EducationDetroit Cristo Rey High SchoolDetroit Cristo Rey High School5679 W Vernor HwyDetroit Cristo Rey High SchoolDetroit62075.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialDetroit Diesel CorporationDetroit Diesel Corporation13400 Outer Drive WestDetroit3200000.0
OfficeDetroit Hair FactoryDetroit Hair Factory20455 KingsvilleHarper Woods1050.0
EducationDetroit Historical SocietyDetroit Historical Society5401 Woodward AvenueDetroit79000.0
EducationDetroit Historical SocietyDetroit Historical SocietyDossin Great Lakes Musuem100 StrandDetroit16000.0
EducationDetroit Institute of ArtsDetroit Institute of Arts5200 Woodward AveDetroit658000.0
EducationDetroit K12Earhart Elementary-Middle School1000 Scotten StreetDetroit104450.0
EducationDetroit K12Detroit Lions Academy10101 E. CanfieldDetroit32241.0
EducationDetroit K12Mackenzie Elementary-Middle School10147 West ChicagoDetroit111774.0
EducationDetroit K12Eastside Bus Terminal10205 Mack AveDetroit44784.0
EducationDetroit K12Wayne Elementary School10633 Courville StreetDetroit45296.0
EducationDetroit K12Schulze Academy for Technology and Arts10700 Santa Maria StreetDetroit94991.0
EducationDetroit K12Moses Field Center1100 SheridanDetroit53742.0
EducationDetroit K12Nolan Elementary-Middle School1150 E. Lantz StreetDetroit112432.0
EducationDetroit K12Ronald Brown Academy11530 E. Outer DriveDetroit122415.0
EducationDetroit K12Osborn High School11600 E. 7 Mile RoadDetroit201884.0
EducationDetroit K12Carleton Elementary School11724 Casino StreetDetroit52134.0
EducationDetroit K12Detroit School of Arts123 SeldenDetroit305634.0
EducationDetroit K12Denby High School12800 Kelly RoadDetroit205470.0
EducationDetroit K12Mark Twain School for Scholars12800 Visger StreetDetroit120132.0
EducationDetroit K12Edmonson Elementary School1300 West Canfield StDetroit65904.0
EducationDetroit K12Carstens Academy of Aquatic Science at Remus13000 Essex AvenueDetroit128000.0
EducationDetroit K12Vernor Elementary School13726 Pembroke AvenueDetroit44608.0
EducationDetroit K12Pulaski Elementary-Middle School (Adult Education East)13840 LappinDetroit60966.0
EducationDetroit K12Hamilton Elementary-Middle School14223 Southampton StDetroit51373.0
EducationDetroit K12Support Services Bldg A1425 E Warren AveDetroit169000.0
EducationDetroit K12Burns Elementary-Middle School14350 Terry StreetDetroit65370.0
EducationDetroit K12Chrysler Elementary School1445 E. Lafayette StreetDetroit23066.0
EducationDetroit K12Gompers Elementary-Middle School14450 Burt RoadDetroit111882.0
EducationDetroit K12Jerry L. White Center14804 W. McNicholsDetroit97739.0
EducationDetroit K12Western International High School1500 Scotten StreetDetroit299630.0
EducationDetroit K12Fisher Magnet Upper Academy15491 Maddelein StreetDetroit147620.0
EducationDetroit K12Roberto Clemente Learning Academy1551 BeardDetroit86000.0
EducationDetroit K12Fisher Magnet Lower Academy15510 E. State FairDetroit95098.0
EducationDetroit K12Thurgood Marshall Elementary School15531 Linwood StreetDetroit90905.0
EducationDetroit K12J. E. Clark Preparatory Academy15755 Bremen StreetDetroit61202.0
EducationDetroit K12Coleman A. Young Elementary School15771 Hubbell StreetDetroit67800.0
EducationDetroit K12John R.King Academic and Performing Arts Academy15850 Strathmoor StreetDetroit187488.0
EducationDetroit K12Support Services Bldg C1601 Farnsworth StreetDetroit44000.0
EducationDetroit K12Henderson Academy16101 W ChicagoDetroit109000.0
EducationDetroit K12Family and Community Engagement (Adult Education West)16164 Asbury ParkDetroit48742.0
EducationDetroit K12Dossin Elementary-Middle School16650 Glendale StreetDetroit50508.0
EducationDetroit K12Edison Elementary School17045 Grand River AvenueDetroit44263.0
EducationDetroit K12Randolph Career and Technical Center17101 Hubbell StreetDetroit122883.0
EducationDetroit K12Mumford High School17525 Wyoming StreetDetroit239900.0
EducationDetroit K12Brewer Academy18025 Brock StreetDetroit54174.0
EducationDetroit K12Emerson Elementary-Middle School18240 Huntington RoadDetroit126805.0
EducationDetroit K12Brenda Scott Academy18440 HooverDetroit147620.0
EducationDetroit K12Cody High School18445 Cathedral StreetDetroit286752.0
EducationDetroit K12Turning Point Academy18501 Waltham St.Detroit52768.0
EducationDetroit K12Carver STEM Academy18701 Paul StreetDetroit67102.0
EducationDetroit K12Cooke STEM Academy18800 Puritan StreetDetroit45184.0
EducationDetroit K12Pershing High School18875 Ryan RoadDetroit249694.0
EducationDetroit K12Charles Wright Academy of Arts and Science19299 Berg RoadDetroit94991.0
EducationDetroit K12Marion Law Academy19411 Cliff AvenueDetroit125995.0
EducationDetroit K12Communication and Media Arts High School19501 Berg RdDetroit79450.0
EducationDetroit K12Ludington Magnet Middle and Honors School19501 Berg RoadDetroit95591.0
EducationDetroit K12Mann Learning Community19625 Elmira StreetDetroit44909.0
EducationDetroit K12Bates Academy19701 WyomingDetroit128190.0
EducationDetroit K12Bow Elementary-Middle School19801 Prevost StreetDetroit59100.0
EducationDetroit K12Clippert Multicultural Magnet Honors Academy1981 McKinstry StreetDetroit46194.0
EducationDetroit K12Pasteur Elementary School19811 Stoepel StreetDetroit56541.0
EducationDetroit K12Mason Academy19955 Fenelon StreetDetroit96304.0
EducationDetroit K12Henry Ford High School20000 Evergreen RoadDetroit270218.0
EducationDetroit K12Burton International Academy2001 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.Detroit114200.0
EducationDetroit K12Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men2001 W. WarrenDetroit232817.0
EducationDetroit K12Bennett Elementary School2111 Mullane StreetDetroit67144.0
EducationDetroit K12Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School at Northwestern2200 W. Grand BlvdDetroit388059.0
EducationDetroit K12Garvey Academy2301 Van Dyke StreetDetroit144400.0
EducationDetroit K12Harms Elementary School2400 Central StreetDetroit44933.0
EducationDetroit K12Durfee Elementary-Middle School2425 Tuxedo StreetDetroit170870.0
EducationDetroit K12Central Academy and High School2425 Tuxedo StreetDetroit229545.0
EducationDetroit K12Cass Technical High School2501 Second AvenueDetroit402484.0
EducationDetroit K12Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy2585 Grove StreetDetroit48500.0
EducationDetroit K12Hutchinson Elementary-Middle School at Howe2600 GarlandDetroit98174.0
EducationDetroit K12Bunche Preparatory Academy2715 Macomb StreetDetroit113455.0
EducationDetroit K12Legacy Academy2750 Selden StDetroit44434.0
EducationDetroit K12Davison Elementary-Middle School2800 E. Davison StreetDetroit110388.0
EducationDetroit K12Nichols Elementary-Middle School3000 Burns StreetDetroit51904.0
EducationDetroit K12Southeastern High School3030 Fairview StreetDetroit378761.0
EducationDetroit K12Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School3200 E. Lafayette StreetDetroit245413.0
EducationDetroit K12Spain Elementary-Middle School3700 Beaubien StreetDetroit241282.0
EducationDetroit K12Palmer Park Preparatory Academy3901 MargaretaDetroit160261.0
EducationDetroit K12Greenfield Union Elementary-Middle School420 W. 7 Mile RoadDetroit75285.0
EducationDetroit K12Maybury Elementary School4410 Porter StreetDetroit45322.0
EducationDetroit K12Keidan Special Education Center4441 CollingwoodDetroit83850.0
EducationDetroit K12Detroit Day School For The Deaf4555 John C Lodge FwyDetroit61152.0
EducationDetroit K12Sampson-Webber Leadership Academy4700 Tireman StreetDetroit145118.0
EducationDetroit K12West Side Academy of Information Technology and Cyber Security4701 McKinleyDetroit71283.0
EducationDetroit K12Diann Banks Williamson Education Center5020 CadieuxDetroit100000.0
EducationDetroit K12East English Village Preparatory Academy5020 CadieuxDetroit218000.0
EducationDetroit K12Detroit International Academy for Young Women5161 Charles StreetDetroit97217.0
EducationDetroit K12Support Services Bldg B5200 Riopelle StreetDetroit28000.0
EducationDetroit K12Munger Elementary-Middle School5525 MartinDetroit111245.0
EducationDetroit K12Golightly Education Center5536 St. Antoine StreetDetroit107134.0
EducationDetroit K12Academy of the Americas at Logan5680 Konkel StreetDetroit54810.0
EducationDetroit K12Academy of the Americas5680 Konkel StreetDetroit97929.0
EducationDetroit K12Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine571 Mack AvenueDetroit92464.0
EducationDetroit K12Neinas Dual Language Learning Academy6021 McMillan StreetDetroit52771.0
EducationDetroit K12Detroit Children's Museum6134 Second AvenueDetroit29928.0
EducationDetroit K12Marquette Elementary-Middle School6145 Canyon StreetDetroit92618.0
EducationDetroit K12Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School (FLICS)6501 West Outer DriveDetroit92010.0
EducationDetroit K12Gardner Elementary School6528 Mansfield StreetDetroit32634.0
EducationDetroit K12Renaissance High School6565 W. Outer DriveDetroit295523.0
EducationDetroit K12Ann Arbor Trail Magnet School7635 Chatham, DetroitDetroit43343.0
EducationDetroit K12Thirkell Elementary-Middle School7724 14th StreetDetroit68701.0
EducationDetroit K12Priest Elementary-Middle School7840 Wagner StreetDetroit117502.0
EducationDetroit K12Bagley Elementary School of Journalism and Technology8100 Curtis StreetDetroit54317.0
EducationDetroit K12Westside Bus Terminal8145 Greenfield RoadDetroit41735.0
EducationDetroit K12Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary-Middle School8145 Puritan StreetDetroit166586.0
EducationDetroit K12Dixon Educational Learning Academy8401 Trinity StreetDetroit93258.0
EducationDetroit K12Public Safety8500 Cameron StreetDetroit23000.0
EducationDetroit K12Barton Elementary School8530 Joy RoadDetroit38848.0
EducationDetroit K12Noble Elementary-Middle School8646 Fullerton StreetDetroit143605.0
EducationDetroit K12A.L. Holmes Academy of Blended Learning8950 Crane StreetDetroit102217.0
EducationDetroit K12Davis Aerospace Technical High School at Golightly900 Dickerson AvenueDetroit66600.0
EducationDetroit K12Golightly Career and Technical Center900 Dickerson AvenueDetroit132668.0
EducationDetroit K12Northern High School9026 WoodwardDetroit318416.0
EducationDetroit K12Breithaupt Career and Technical Center9300 Hubbell StreetDetroit150361.0
EducationDetroit K12Catherine C. Blackwell Institute9330 ShoemakerDetroit44434.0
EducationDetroit K12Charles R. Drew Transition Center9600 Wyoming StreetDetroit139000.0
OtherDetroit LionsDetroit Lions222 RepublicAllen Park255000.0
VenueDetroit Lions / Ford FieldFord Field2000 Brush StreetDetroit1800000.0
Multi-FamilyDevelop Detroit Inc.Develop Detroit Inc./ University Meadows4500 Trumbull AveDetroit48276.0
Multi-FamilyDevelop Detroit Inc.Develop Detroit Inc./ University Meadows535 GriswoldSuite 1600Detroit48276.0
VenueDeVos PlaceDeVos PlaceDeVos Place Convention Center303 Monroe Avenue NWGrand Rapids250000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialDisplay Pack - 1330 Taylor AveDisplay Pack - 1330 Taylor Ave1330 Taylor AveGrand Rapids10000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialDisplay Pack - 1340 MonroeDisplay Pack - 1340 Monroe1340 Monroe Ave NWGrand Rapids10000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialDisplay Pack - 1550 Taylor AveDisplay Pack - 1550 Taylor Ave1550 Taylor AveGrand Rapids10000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialDisplay Pack -490 West St. (Cedar Springs)Display Pack -490 West St. (Cedar Springs)490 West StreetCedar Springs10000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialDisplay Pack -536 West St. (Cedar Springs)Display Pack -536 West St. (Cedar Springs)536 West StreetCedar Springs10000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialDisplay Pack -650 West St. (Cedar Springs)Display Pack -650 West St. (Cedar Springs)650 West StCedar Springs141000.0
OfficeDivine maid serviceDivine maid service7640 Myers Lake Ave NERockford2100.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialDSA InternationalDSA International680 Case Karsten DRZeeland20000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialDSC Laboratories DetergentsDSC Laboratories Detergents1979 Latimer Dr #2Muskegon12000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialDSC Laboratories PharmaDSC Laboratories Pharma1979 Latimer DrMuskegon47000.0
OfficeDTELynch Road Service Center11043 French RoadDetroit22975.0
OfficeDTECaniff Service Center1201 Caniff StreetDetroit54335.0
OfficeDTECoolidge Service Center14270 Schaefer HighwayDetroit15891.0
OfficeDTETrombly Service Center1530 Trombly StreetDetroit92581.0
OfficeDTEWarren Service Center6200 W. Warren AvenueDetroit562855.0
OfficeDTE EnergyDTE Redford Service Center12000 DixieRedford41550.0
OfficeDTE EnergyDTE Marysville Service Center3223 Ravenswood RdMarysville41550.0
OfficeDTE EnergyDTE Shelby Service Center6301 23 Mile RdShelby Township29757.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceDTE Energy - WealthyDTE Energy - Wealthy444 Wealthy St SWGrand Rapids52478.0
OfficeDTE Energy HeadquartersDTE Energy Headquarters1 Energy PlazaDetroit1493600.0
Multi-FamilyDwelling Place / Chaffee ApartmentsDwelling Place / Chaffee Apartments138 Division Street SouthGrand Rapids11200.0
Multi-FamilyDwelling Place / Lennox ApartmentsDwelling Place / Lennox Apartments353 Division Street SouthGrand Rapids14320.0
Multi-FamilyDwelling Place / Liz's PlaceDwelling Place / Liz's Place343 Division Avenue SouthGrand Rapids8856.0
OfficeEcoWorks/StarrVistaEcoWorks/StarrVista22400 W 7 Mile Rd.Detroit20000.0
OfficeEDC Charter County of WayneGuardian Building500 GriswoldSuite 1600Detroit470557.0
OfficeEdison Neighborhood AssociationEdison Neighborhood Association816 Washington AveKalamazoo4099.0
OfficeEllington TownshipEllington Township2791 E Caro RoadCaro1500.0
Place of WorshipEmmanuel Episcopal ChurchEmmanuel Episcopal Church315 West Center StreetHastings12475.0
RetailEmpire OutdoorsEmpire Outdoors11690 S Lacore RdEmpire1200.0
OfficeEnergy SciencesBedrock615 West LafayetteDetroit311787.0
OtherEngine 1Engine 1111 W MontcalmDetroit8160.0
OtherEngine 17 (Ladder 7, Chief 5)Engine 17 (Ladder 7, Chief 5)6100 2nd AveDetroit6400.0
OtherEngine 20 (Detroit City Airport)Engine 20 (Detroit City Airport)11499 Conner StDetroit3500.0
OtherEngine 27 (Ladder 8, Chief 7, Medic 19) / DPD 4th PrecinctEngine 27 (Ladder 8, Chief 7, Medic 19) / DPD 4th Precinct4700 W Fort StDetroit27000.0
OtherEngine 29Engine 297600 W Jefferson AveDetroit4800.0
OtherEngine 30 (Medic 3)Engine 30 (Medic 3)16543 Meyers RdDetroit6500.0
OtherEngine 32 (Chief 6. Medic 23)Engine 32 (Chief 6. Medic 23)11740 E Jefferson AveDetroit6500.0
OtherEngine 33 (Ladder 13)Engine 33 (Ladder 13)1041 Lawndale StDetroit5800.0
OtherEngine 34Engine 346535 Livernois AveDetroit3000.0
OtherEngine 35 (Medic 20)Engine 35 (Medic 20)111 Kenilworth StDetroit6200.0
OtherEngine 39 (Medic 1)Engine 39 (Medic 1)8700 14th StDetroit18000.0
OtherEngine 40 (Ladder 17, Medic 10)Engine 40 (Ladder 17, Medic 10)13939 Dexter AveDetroit22000.0
OtherEngine 41 (Medic 14)Engine 41 (Medic 14)5000 Rohns StDetroit4000.0
OtherEngine 42 (Ladder 21, Medic 2)Engine 42 (Ladder 21, Medic 2)6324 W ChicagoDetroit7100.0
OtherEngine 44 (Ladder 18, Chief 8)Engine 44 (Ladder 18, Chief 8)35 W Seven Mile RdDetroit6100.0
OtherEngine 46Engine 4610101 Knodell StDetroit6800.0
OtherEngine 48 (Medic 11)Engine 48 (Medic 11)2300 S Fort StDetroit4500.0
OtherEngine 50 (Ladder 23, Chief 9, Medic 15)Engine 50 (Ladder 23, Chief 9, Medic 15)12985 Houston Whittier StDetroit13000.0
OtherEngine 52 (Ladder 31)Engine 52 (Ladder 31)5029 Manistique StDetroit8200.0
OtherEngine 53, (Ladder 25, Medic 17)Engine 53, (Ladder 25, Medic 17)15127 Greenfield RdDetroit6800.0
OtherEngine 54 (Ladder 26, Medic 4)Engine 54 (Ladder 26, Medic 4)16825 Trinity StDetroit7700.0
OtherEngine 55 (Ladder 27, Chief 2, Medic 5)Engine 55 (Ladder 27, Chief 2, Medic 5)18140 Joy RdDetroit9100.0
OtherEngine 56 (Medic 16)Engine 56 (Medic 16)18601 Ryan RdDetroit4800.0
OtherEngine 57Engine 5713960 Burt RdDetroit3000.0
OtherEngine 58 (Medic 24)Engine 58 (Medic 24)10801 Whittier AveDetroit5000.0
OtherEngine 59 (Squad 1, Chief 4, Medic 22)Engine 59 (Squad 1, Chief 4, Medic 22)17800 Curtis StDetroit7250.0
OtherEngine 60Engine 6019701 Hoover StDetroit6000.0
OtherEngine 9 (Ladder 6, Medic 21)Engine 9 (Ladder 6, Medic 21)3737 E Lafayette StDetroit18000.0
OfficeEric K Taylor DDS PCEric K Taylor DDS PC455 S. LivernoisB-12Rochester Hills1500.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialETM EnterprisesETM Enterprises721 N Clinton StGrand Ledge168845.0
EducationEvergreen CommonsEvergreen Commons55 W 16th StHolland66000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceExpress Quick LubeExpress Quick Lube14800 Inkster roadRomulus3500.0
OtherFabulousnailandspaFabulousnailandspa2931 carpenter rdAnn Arbor1200.0
RetailFarmington DeliFarmington Deli34453 Grand RiverFarmington800.0
OtherFCA Chrysler Tech CenterFCA Chrysler Tech Center800 Chrysler DriveAuburn Hills5600000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialFCA Dundee Engine Plant - DEPFCA Dundee Engine Plant - DEP5800 North Ann Arbor RoadDundee1300000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialFCA Jefferson North Assembly Plant - JNAPFCA Jefferson North Assembly Plant - JNAP2101 Conner StreetDetroit2700000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialFCA Mack Avenue Engine Plant - MEPFCA Mack Avenue Engine Plant - MEP4000 St. Jean AvenueDetroit2130000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialFCA Mt. Elliot Tool & Die Plant - METDFCA Mt. Elliot Tool & Die Plant - METD3675 East Outer DriveDetroit750000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialFCA Sterling Heights Assembly Plant - SHAPFCA Sterling Heights Assembly Plant - SHAP38111 Van DykeSterling Heights4200000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialFCA Sterling Stamping Plant - SSPFCA Sterling Stamping Plant - SSP35777 Van DykeSterling Heights2740000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialFCA Trenton Engine Complex - TEPFCA Trenton Engine Complex - TEP2300 Van Horn RoadTrenton2922000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialFCA Warren Stamping Plant - WSPFCA Warren Stamping Plant - WSP22800 Mound RoadWarren2100000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialFCA Warren Truck Assembly Plant - WTAPFCA Warren Truck Assembly Plant - WTAP21500 Mound RoadWarren3100000.0
Multi-FamilyFehaj Limited PartnershipFehaj Limited Partnership, The Toledo Campus4000 - 4034 Toledo St.Detroit14915.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialFenton Winery and BreweryFenton Winery and Brewery1370 N. Long Lake Rd.Fenton10000.0
OfficeFernlee InvestmentsFernlee Investments4420 FernleeRoyal Oak2800.0
OtherFire BoatFire Boat40 24th StDetroit3000.0
Place of WorshipFirst Baptist Church of ZeelandFirst Baptist Church of Zeeland246 W Main AveZeeland44000.0
Place of WorshipFirst United Methodist ChurchFirst United Methodist Church57 W 10th StHolland40846.0
RetailFish Ladder Holdings LLCFish Ladder Holdings LLC2301 44th Street SEGrand Rapids
OfficeFishbeck Thompson Carr & Huber, Inc./Corporate HeadquartersFishbeck Thompson Carr & Huber, Inc./Corporate Headquarters1515 Arboretum Drive SEGrand Rapids67338.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialFLEXCO - Main BuildingFLEXCO - Main Building1995 Oak Industrial Dr NEGrand Rapids150000.0
OfficeForest Street LLCForest Street LLC700 ForestBirmingham8000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialFounders Brewing CompanyFounders Brewing Company235 Grandville Avenue SWGrand Rapids133582.0
OfficeFozzco. Trading. IncFozzco. Trading. Inc8728 Michigan AveDetroit2400.0
OtherFrederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture ParkFrederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park1000 East Beltline NEGrand Rapids142000.0
OfficeFremont Area Community FoundationFremont Area Community Foundation4424 W. 48th StreetP O Box BFremont11237.0
OtherFringe salonFringe salon33000 Northwestern HighwayWest Bloomfield10000.0
RetailGame Masters IncGame Masters Inc12924 Gratiit AveDetroit1000.0
RetailGardner White Furniture - Auburn HillsGardner White Furniture - Auburn Hills4445 N Atlantic BlvdAuburn Hills455000.0
RetailGardner White Furniture - BrightonGardner White Furniture - Brighton8393 W Grand River RdBrighton30700.0
RetailGardner White Furniture - CantonGardner White Furniture - Canton39453 Ford RdCanton47000.0
RetailGardner White Furniture - MacombGardner White Furniture - Macomb45300 HayesMacomb51000.0
RetailGardner White Furniture - SouthfieldGardner White Furniture - Southfield21100 W 8 Mile RdSouthfield30000.0
RetailGardner White Furniture - TaylorGardner White Furniture - Taylor7680 Telegraph RdTaylor30000.0
RetailGardner White Furniture - Warren - 14 MileGardner White Furniture - Warren - 14 Mile4400 E 14 Mile RdWarren38400.0
RetailGardner White Furniture - Warren - GroesbeckGardner White Furniture - Warren - Groesbeck20999 GroesbeckWarren30000.0
RetailGardner White Furniture - WaterfordGardner White Furniture - Waterford4945 Dixie HwyWaterford53000.0
OfficeGDK Properties ApartmentsGDK Properties Apartments17 8th St WHolland10000.0
OfficeGDK Properties Main OfficesGDK Properties Main Offices12-16 8th St. WHolland15000.0
Financial InstitutionGDK Properties PNCGDK Properties PNC1-5 8th St. WHolland100000.0
OfficeGDK Properties River AveGDK Properties River Ave246 River AveHolland10000.0
OtherGDW Turkey FarmsGDW Turkey Farms5100 120th AveWest Olive69888.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGeneral Motors CCA BurtonN0013899 - CCA BURTON1215 North Center RoadBurton357551.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGeneral Motors CCA Flint IE LabN0015018 - CCA FLINT IE LAB3023 AIR PARK DR NFlint20296.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGeneral Motors CCA Willow Run PDC 58N0011553 - CCA WILLOW RUN PDC 5850000 Ecorse RoadBelleville1105454.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGeneral Motors Davidson Road PCN0017530 - CCA DAVISON RD PC4134 Davison RoadBurton414834.0
EducationGeneral Motors Flint Carriage HouseGeneral Motors Flint Carriage House303 W Water StreetFlint25538.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGeneral Motors Flint Swartz CreekN0011557 - CCA FLINT SWARTZ CREEK6060 W Bristol RoadFlint3030427.0
OfficeGeneral Motors Grand BlancGeneral Motors Grand Blanc6200 Grand Pointe DriveGrand Blanc320395.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGeneral Motors Grand Blanc CenterN0011441 - Grand Blanc Center10800 SOUTH SAGINAW STREETGrand Blanc1293460.0
OtherGeneral Motors Heritage CenterN0015146 - GM HERITAGE CENTER6400 CENTER DRSterling Heights81000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGeneral Motors Lansing NPDCN0011555 - CCA LANSING NPDC 764400 West Mount Hope RoadLansing2335657.0
OtherGeneral Motors Milford Data CenterGeneral Motors Milford Data CenterMilford DriveMilford25000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGeneral Motors Pontiac North ComplexGeneral Motors Pontiac North Complex220 East ColumbiaPontiac4266289.0
OtherGeneral Motors Warren Tech Data CenterGeneral Motors Warren Tech Data Center30011 Van Dyke AvenueWarren109000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGeneral Motors WFG Drayton WarehouseN0011554 - WFG Drayton Warehouse5260 Williams Lake RoadWaterford1348196.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGeneral Motors Ypsilanti CCAGeneral Motors Ypsilanti CCA2625 Tyler RoadYpsilanti1991150.0
Place of WorshipGenesis of Ann ArborGenesis of Ann Arbor2309 Packard StAnn Arbor38000.0
OtherGeneva Camp & Retreat Center - Geneva PinesGeneva Camp & Retreat Center - Geneva Pines3995 Lakeshore Dr.Holland41272.0
OtherGeneva Camp & Retreat Center - Geneva ShoresGeneva Camp & Retreat Center - Geneva Shores3995 Lakeshore Dr.Holland104647.0
OfficeGerald R. Ford Federal Building US CourthouseGerald R. Ford Federal Building US Courthouse110 Michigan Street NWGrand Rapids278681.0
Health/HospitalGerber Memorial HospitalGerber Memorial Hospital214 South Sullivan Ave.Fremont259813.0
Place of WorshipGesu ChurchGesu Church17180 Oak DrDetroit
OfficeGesu ChurchGesu Parish Offices17180 Oak Dr.Detroit
Residence - ConventGesu ChurchResidence/Convent17204 Oak Dr.Detroit
EducationGesu SchoolGesu School17139 Oak Dr.Detroit
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantGilmore Collection - Blue Water GrillGilmore Collection - Blue Water Grill5180 Northland Dr. NEGrand Rapids5500.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantGilmore Collection - Bostwick Lake InnGilmore Collection - Bostwick Lake Inn8521 Belding Rd NERockford4500.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantGilmore Collection - Flat River GrillGilmore Collection - Flat River Grill201 E Main StreetLowell3400.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantGilmore Collection - KirbyGilmore Collection - Kirby2 WashingtonGrand Haven24000.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantGilmore Collection - Paddock PlaceGilmore Collection - Paddock Place1033 Lake Dr SEGrand Rapids18000.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantGilmore Collection - Rose'sGilmore Collection - Rose's550 Lakeside Dr SEGrand Rapids3500.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantGilmore Collection - Rose's ExpressGilmore Collection - Rose's Express2224 Wealthy St SEGrand Rapids600.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantGilmore Collection - The BOBGilmore Collection - The BOB20 Monroe Ave NWGrand Rapids54805.0
OfficeGlobal Staffing Solutions Provider/Kelly Services- Lindsey CentreGlobal Staffing Solutions Provider/Kelly Services- Lindsey Centre2690 Crooks Rd.Troy87892.0
Health/HospitalGlowing Smiles DentalGlowing Smiles Dental1551 w big beaver rdSte D14troy1000.0
OtherGM Milford EDCGM Milford EDCGeneral Motors RdMilford129682.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGM Pontiac Plant 75 - SEP 15N0014903WA1 - CCA PONTIAC PLANT 751251 Joslyn RoadPontiac1903731.0
OtherGM Warren Tech Center Data CenterGM Warren Tech Center Data CenterGM DriveWarren108000.0
OfficeGM WTC VEC EastGM WTC VEC East30400 Van Dyke AveWarren181571.0
OfficeGML Enterprises, LLCGML Enterprises, LLC1500 N Stephenson HwyRoyal Oak80000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialGMPT BAY CITYGMPT BAY CITY1001 Woodside Avenue (1501 N MADISON AVENUE)Warren1194190.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialGMPT FLINT ENGINE OPERATIONSGMPT FLINT ENGINE OPERATIONSG-3100 Van Slyke Rd(Assembly) 2100 Bristol Road(ENGINE)Flint1272500.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialGMPT SAGINAW METAL CASTINGGMPT SAGINAW METAL CASTING1629 N Washington Avenue PO Box 5073 - 48605-5073Saginaw1629680.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialGMPT WARRENGMPT WARREN23500 Mound RoadWarren2024860.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialGMSC FLINT METAL CENTERGMSC FLINT METAL CENTERG-3100 Van Slyke Rd(Assembly) 2100 Bristol Road(ENGINE)Flint2031870.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialGMSC PONTIAC STAMPINGGMSC PONTIAC STAMPING220 East Columbia (Pontiac Met al Ctr.)Pontiac1906580.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialGMVM FLINT TRUCK ASSEMBLYGMVM FLINT TRUCK ASSEMBLYG-3100 Van Slyke Rd(Assembly) 2100 Bristol Road(ENGINE)Flint5185850.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialGMVM HAMTRAMCKGMVM HAMTRAMCK2500 East Grand Boulevard HAMTRAMCKDetroit4524670.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialGMVM LANSING GRAND RIVERGMVM LANSING GRAND RIVER920 Townsend AvenueLansing3086010.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialGMVM ORIONGMVM ORION4555 Giddings Road Lake OrionOrion4658210.0
EducationGolden fleeceGolden fleece525 monroeDetroit7500.0
OtherGolden State Properties llc.Golden State Properties llc.12374 GriggsDetroit9876.0
OfficeGoodwill Industries of West Michigan, Inc.Goodwill Industries of West Michigan, Inc.271 E. Apple AveMuskegon59263.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGordon Food Service 50th Freezer DCGordon Food Service 50th Freezer DC651 50th StGrand Rapids108951.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGordon Food Service Brighton DC and Fleet ShopGordon Food Service Brighton DC and Fleet Shop7770 Kensington CourtBrighton374727.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGordon Food Service Clay CampusGordon Food Service Clay Campus4900 Clay Ave SWGrand Rapids584128.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGordon Food Service Green Oak DCGordon Food Service Green Oak DC8152 Kensington CourtBrighton163200.0
OfficeGordon Food Service Home OfficeGordon Food Service Home Office1300 Gezon Parkway SWWyoming384000.0
OfficeGovernment/Detroit-Wayne Joint Building Authority/ Coleman A Young Municipal CenterGovernment/Detroit-Wayne Joint Building Authority/ Coleman A Young Municipal Center2 woodward ave suite 1316Detroit745783.0
OfficeGovernment/DWJBA/ Coleman A Young Municipal CenterGovernment/DWJBA/ Coleman A Young Municipal Center2 Woodward Avenue suite 1316Detroit752800.0
EducationGrand Rapids Art MuseumGrand Rapids Art Museum101 Monroe Center NWGrand Rapids125000.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantGrand Rapids Brewing CompanyGrand Rapids Brewing Company1 Ionia SWGrand Rapids15000.0
UniversityGrand Rapids Community CollegeGrand Rapids Community College Leslie E. Tassell M-TEC Building622 Godfrey Ave SWGrand Rapids82100.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialGrand Rapids Controls - Bld 1Grand Rapids Controls - Bld 1825 Northland Dr NERockford49726.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialGrand Rapids Controls - Bld 2Grand Rapids Controls - Bld 2801 Northland Dr NERockford12862.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialGrand Rapids Controls - Bld 3Grand Rapids Controls - Bld 3807 Foxrown Ct NERockford13092.0
EducationGrandville High schoolGrandville High school4700 Canal stGrandville380000.0
OfficeGratiot CountyGratiot County214 st.ithaca78547.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialGrayhawk Building Bayshore AssemblyGrayhawk Building Bayshore Assembly13055 Riley St Suite 40Holland12000.0
OfficeGrayhawk Building Informs Inc.Grayhawk Building Informs Inc.13055 Riley St Suite 10Holland30000.0
EducationGreat Lakes Elementary SchoolGreat Lakes Elementary School3200 152nd AveHolland67098.0
OtherGreenwich Properties, LLCGreenwich Properties, LLC130 Cadillac Sq.Detroit14000.0
RetailGrocery Store / Spartan Nash / Family FareGrocery Store / Spartan Nash / Family Fare410 N. Marshal StColdwater40465.0
OtherGrow BenzieGrow Benzie5885 Frankfort Highway (M-115)Benzonia97000.0
EducationGRPS - City High/Middle SchoolGRPS - City High/Middle School1720 Plainfield Ave NEGrand Rapids283851.0
EducationGRPS - Ridgemoor Park MontessoriGRPS - Ridgemoor Park Montessori2555 Inverness SEGrand Rapids102022.0
EducationGRPS - Riverside Middle SchoolGRPS - Riverside Middle School265 Eleanor St. NEGrand Rapids5740.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGRPS - Service BuildingGRPS - Service Building900 Union Ave NEGrand Rapids40649.0
EducationGRPS - Shawmut HillsGRPS - Shawmut Hills2550 Burritt St.NWGrand Rapids53109.0
EducationGRPS - Sherwood Park Global Studies AcademyGRPS - Sherwood Park Global Studies Academy3859 Chamberlain Av.SEGrand Rapids67850.0
EducationGRPS - Sibley ElementaryGRPS - Sibley Elementary943 Sibley St. NWGrand Rapids41840.0
EducationGRPS - Southeast Academic Center - SigsbeeGRPS - Southeast Academic Center - Sigsbee1250 SigsbeeGrand Rapids34730.0
EducationGRPS - Southeast Career PathwaysGRPS - Southeast Career Pathways1356 Jefferson SEGrand Rapids83445.0
EducationGRPS - Southwest Community CampusGRPS - Southwest Community Campus801 Oakland Ave.SWGrand Rapids36949.0
EducationGRPS - Stocking ElementaryGRPS - Stocking Elementary863 7th Street NWGrand Rapids25783.0
EducationGRPS - Straight SchoolGRPS - Straight School842 Chatham NWGrand Rapids269264.0
EducationGRPS - Union High SchoolGRPS - Union High School1800 Tremont Blvd. NWGrand Rapids18030.0
EducationGRPS - WellerwoodGRPS - Wellerwood800 Wellerwood St NEGrand Rapids18010.0
EducationGRPS - West LeonardGRPS - West Leonard1351 Leonard NWGrand Rapids89190.0
EducationGRPS - Westwood MiddleGRPS - Westwood Middle1525 Mount Mercy Dr. NWGrand Rapids37000.0
EducationGRPS AberdeenGRPS Aberdeen928 Aberdeen St. NEGrand Rapids46322.0
EducationGRPS Alger MiddleGRPS Alger Middle921 Alger St. SEGrand Rapids89235.0
EducationGRPS BlandfordGRPS Blandford3143 Milo St. NWGrand Rapids30880.0
EducationGRPS Brookside ElementaryGRPS Brookside Elementary2505 Madison Av. SEGrand Rapids38201.0
EducationGRPS Buchanan ElementaryGRPS Buchanan Elementary1775 Buchanan Av. SWGrand Rapids47663.0
EducationGRPS Burton Elementary & Middle SchoolsGRPS Burton Elementary & Middle Schools2133 Buchanan Av. SWGrand Rapids203492.0
EducationGRPS CA Frost Environmental Science Academy High SchoolGRPS CA Frost Environmental Science Academy High School1417 Covell Ave NWGrand Rapids61580.0
EducationGRPS CA Frost Environmental Science Academy PK-8GRPS CA Frost Environmental Science Academy PK-81460 Laughlin St. NWGrand Rapids58676.0
OfficeGRPS Campus 4H BuildingGRPS Campus 4H Building1303 Franklin SEGrand Rapids52672.0
OfficeGRPS Campus Administration BuildingGRPS Campus Administration Building1331 Franklin St SEGrand Rapids24770.0
OfficeGRPS Campus Data CenterGRPS Campus Data Center1341 Franklin St SEGrad Rapids22318.0
EducationGRPS Campus Early ChildhoodGRPS Campus Early Childhood1326 Thomas St SEGrand Rapids57890.0
EducationGRPS Campus ElementaryGRPS Campus Elementary700 Benjamin Av. SEGrand Rapids13720.0
EducationGRPS Cesar E. Chavez ElementaryGRPS Cesar E. Chavez Elementary1205 Grandville St. SWGrand Rapids60000.0
EducationGRPS Coit Creative Arts AcademyGRPS Coit Creative Arts Academy617 Coit Av. NEGrand Rapids62555.0
EducationGRPS Congress ElementaryGRPS Congress Elementary940 Baldwin St. SEGrand Rapids33664.0
EducationGRPS Dickinson AcademyGRPS Dickinson Academy448 Dickinson St. SEGrand Rapids37381.0
EducationGRPS East Leonard ElementaryGRPS East Leonard Elementary410 Barnett St. NEGrand Rapids55740.0
EducationGRPS Gerald R. Ford Academic Center PK-8GRPS Gerald R. Ford Academic Center PK-8851 Madison Av.SEGrand Rapids33983.0
EducationGRPS Grand Rapids MontessoriGRPS Grand Rapids Montessori159 College Av. NEGrand Rapids35425.0
EducationGRPS Harrison ParkGRPS Harrison Park1440 Davis Av. NWGrand Rapids192650.0
EducationGRPS Innovation CentralGRPS Innovation Central421 Fountain St. NEGrand Rapids211030.0
EducationGRPS KEC at OakleighGRPS KEC at Oakleigh2223 Gordon St NWGrand Rapids83679.0
EducationGRPS Ken-O-Sha Park ElementaryGRPS Ken-O-Sha Park Elementary1353 Van Auken St.SEGrand Rapids25730.0
EducationGRPS Kent Hills ElementaryGRPS Kent Hills Elementary1445 Emerald Ave.NEGrand Rapids54493.0
EducationGRPS Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership AcademyGRPS Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Academy645 Logan St.SEGrand Rapids36700.0
EducationGRPS Mulick Park ElementaryGRPS Mulick Park Elementary1761 Rosewood Ave.SEGrand Rapids43444.0
EducationGRPS Museum SchoolGRPS Museum School54 N. JeffersonGrand Rapids32160.0
EducationGRPS North Park MontessoriGRPS North Park Montessori3375 Cheney Av. NEGrand Rapids27390.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceGRPS Nutrition CenterGRPS Nutrition Center1130 Race NEGrand Rapids339710.0
EducationGRPS Ottawa Hills High SchoolGRPS Ottawa Hills High School2055 Rosewood Ave. SEGrand Rapids38410.0
EducationGRPS Palmer ElementaryGRPS Palmer Elementary309 Palmer St.NEGrand Rapid20590.0
OfficeGRPS UniversityGRPS University1400 Fuller NEGrand Rapids126450.0
RetailGuilios Market, INCGuilios Market, INC21306 schoolcraft rdDetroit4800.0
UniversityGVSU - Lake Huron HallGVSU - Lake Huron Hall1 Campus DriveAllendale26000.0
UniversityGVSU-Manitou HallMonitou Hall10860 N Campus Dr10860 N Campus DrAllendale35468.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialH.C. StarckH.C. Starck460 Jay StreetColdwater213801.0
EducationHarbor Beach Area District LibraryHarbor Beach Area District Library105 N. Huron AveHarbor Beach18500.0
Health/HospitalHarbor beach community hospitalHarbor beach community hospital210 s first stHarbor beach92999.0
Place of WorshipHarbor Churches - Fairhaven ChurchHarbor Churches - Fairhaven Church2900 Baldwin StHudsonville101389.0
Place of WorshipHarbor Churches - Harbor Life ChurchHarbor Churches - Harbor Life Church3085 Wallace Ave SWGrandville20621.0
Place of WorshipHarbor Churches - South Harbor ChurchHarbor Churches - South Harbor Church1951 64th StByron Center25929.0
EducationHarbor Lights Middle SchoolHarbor Lights Middle School1024 136th AveHolland246300.0
Place of WorshipHarderwyk Ministries Anchor 6221Harderwyk Ministries - Anchor 62211627 W Lakewood BlvdHolland24000.0
OtherHarderwyk Ministries LLPP Daycare 6222Harderwyk Ministries - LLPP Daycare 62221617 W Lakewood BlvdHolland5800.0
Place of WorshipHarderwyk Ministries Red Brick 6220Harderwyk Ministries - Red Brick 62201627 W Lakewood BlvdHolland32000.0
RetailHarding’s MarketHarding’s Market1000 E Cork StKalamazoo40000.0
Multi-FamilyHastings Pond SeniorHastings Pond Senior611 E Woodlawn AvenueHastings41552.0
OfficeHAUKKALA & CO., P.C.HAUKKALA & CO., P.C.101 W Maple StIron River2496.0
OtherHazmat (Chief 1, Medic 8)Hazmat (Chief 1, Medic 8)3050 Russell StDetroit60000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialHeeren BrothersHeeren Brothers1055 7 Mile Rd NWComstock Park180000.0
OfficeHenry Ford Health SystemHenry Ford Health System1 Ford PlaceDetroit699951.0
Health/HospitalHenry Ford HospitalHenry Ford Hospital2799 West Grand Blvd.Detroit3213810.0
Health/HospitalHenry Ford West Bloomfield HospitalHenry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital6777 W. Maple Rd.West Bloomfield857783.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialHerman Miller - HMI NA - 171st/Hickory (Meridian/PCT)Herman Miller - HMI NA - 171st/Hickory (Meridian/PCT)18558 17st AveSpring Lake582781.0
OfficeHerman Miller - HMI NA - Design YardHerman Miller - HMI NA - Design Yard375 West 48th StreetHolland238215.0
OtherHerman Miller - HMI NA - Eames HomeHerman Miller - HMI NA - Eames Home279 DivisionZeeland2500.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialHerman Miller - HMI NA - Greenhouse/Midwest DistributionHerman Miller - HMI NA - Greenhouse/Midwest Distribution10201 Adams StreetHolland650489.0
OtherHerman Miller - HMI NA - MarigoldHerman Miller - HMI NA - Marigold1330 Hazel AveHolland28746.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceHerman Miller - HMI NA - New York ShowroomHerman Miller - HMI NA - New York Showroom10001 Adams StHolland29980.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialHerman Miller - HMI NA - Spring Lake Tele BldgHerman Miller - HMI NA - Spring Lake Tele Bldg6476 Grand Haven RoadNorth Shores150000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialHerman Miller - HMI NA - Zeeland MainsiteHerman Miller - HMI NA - Zeeland Mainsite855 East MainZeeland750776.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialHilite InternationalHilite International2001 PeachWhitehall
Manufacturing/IndustrialHME Incorporated - Aerial & CabHME Incorporated - Aerial & Cab2370 Burton St SWGrand Rapids19423.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialHME Incorporated - HeadquartersHME Incorporated - Headquarters1950 Byron Center Ave SWWyoming142917.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialHME Incorporated - PaintHME Incorporated - Paint2010 Chicago Dr SWWyoming21000.0
EducationHolland Boys & Girls Club Core CityHolland Boys & Girls Club Core City581 Riley StHolland23000.0
EducationHolland Boys & Girls Club NorthsideHolland Boys & Girls Club Northside435 Van Raalte AveHolland23000.0
OfficeHolland Christian Schools - Administration BuildingHolland Christian Schools - Administration Building490 W 32nd StHolland15000.0
EducationHolland Christian Schools - High SchoolHolland Christian Schools - High School950 Ottawa AveHolland178611.0
EducationHolland Christian Schools - Middle SchoolHolland Christian Schools - Middle School850 Ottawa AveHolland67000.0
EducationHolland Christian Schools - Pine Ridge ElementaryHolland Christian Schools - Pine Ridge Elementary623 West 40th StHolland46145.0
EducationHolland Christian Schools - Rose Park ElementaryHolland Christian Schools - Rose Park Elementary556 Butternut Dr.Holland94018.0
EducationHolland Christian Schools - South Side ElementaryHolland Christian Schools - South Side Elementary913 Pine AveHolland41000.0
OtherHolland Community Aquatic CenterHolland Community Aquatic Center550 Maple AveHolland250000.0
Place of WorshipHolland Heights CRCHolland Heights CRC836 E 8th StHolland40000.0
RetailHolland Motor Homes Holland Bus CompanyHolland Motor Homes Holland Bus Company430 S. WaverlyHolland10000.0
RetailHolland Motor Homes Main BuildingHolland Motor Homes Main Building650 16th StreetHolland10000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceHolland Motor Homes Parts DepartmentHolland Motor Homes Parts Department670 16th St.Holland10000.0
EducationHolland Public Schools - EastHolland Public Schools - East373 East 24th StreetHolland137786.0
EducationHolland Public Schools - HeightsHolland Public Schools - Heights856 E 12th StHolland53445.0
EducationHolland Public Schools - High SchoolHolland Public Schools - High School600 Van RaalteHolland315950.0
EducationHolland Public Schools - JeffersonHolland Public Schools - Jefferson320 W 24th StHolland67881.0
EducationHolland Public Schools - New TechHolland Public Schools - New Tech45 E 25th stHolland50000.0
EducationHolland Public Schools - VR TechHolland Public Schools - VR Tech461 Van RaalteHolland52776.0
EducationHolland Public Schools - WestHolland Public Schools - West500 W 24th StHolland118632.0
RetailHolland Rescue Mission - Family HopeHolland Rescue Mission - Family Hope356 Fairbanks AveHolland25000.0
RetailHolland Rescue Mission GatewayHolland Rescue Mission Gateway661 E 24th StHolland85000.0
EducationHolland Rescue Mission Men's CenterHolland Rescue Mission Men's Center166 South River AvenueHolland30000.0
Multi-FamilyHollander Development Corporation - Gateway Village ApartmentsHollander Development Corporation - Gateway Village Apartments101 Gateway CourtSturgis90129.0
K-12Holt Public SchoolsHolt Public School Dimondale Elementary330 Walnut StDimondale43393.0
K-12Holt Public SchoolsHolt Public School Elliott Elementary4200 Bond StHolt44291.0
K-12Holt Public SchoolsHolt Public School High School5885 West Holt RoadHolt340000.0
K-12Holt Public SchoolsHolt Public School Holt Junior High1784 North Aurelius RoadHolt160285.0
K-12Holt Public SchoolsHolt Public School Hope Middle School2020 Park LaneHolt130300.0
K-12Holt Public SchoolsHolt Public School Sycamore Elementary4429 Sycamore StreetHolt50213.0
K-12Holt Public SchoolsHolt Public School Wilcox Elementary1650 Laurelwood RoadHolt46465.0
K-12Holt Public SchoolsHolt Public Schools - Gunn Historical School2009 S Washington RdHolt995.0
K-12Holt Public SchoolsHolt Public Schools - Transportation2125 Delhi St NEHolt11000.0
K-12Holt Public SchoolsHolt Public Schools Holt Campus (12 Grade, Admin, Horizon, Washington Woods)5780 W Holt RdHolt238285.0
K-12Holt Public SchoolsHolt Public Schools Midway Early Learning Center4552 Spahr AveHolt43392.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantHometown CreameryHometown Creamery1431 Holton RoadMuskegon1200.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantHopCat Grand RapidsHopCat Grand Rapids25 Ionia SWSuite 100Grand Rapids8200.0
OfficeHumantech OfficesHumantech Offices1161 Oak Valley DriveAnn Arbor12500.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank090483-West Bloomfield OfficeWest Bloomfield17780.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319173-PontiacPontiac1170.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank320164-FentonFenton1654.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319132-Redford OfficeRedford1754.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank320149-RichmondRichmond2020.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319085-SouthgateSouthgate2042.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319122-Ten Mile OfficeWarren2128.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319114-Twenty-one Mile OfficeShelby Township2331.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319139-Dodge Park OfficeSterling Heights2345.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319109-Harper OfficeClinton Township2372.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319091-SalineSaline2381.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319112-Macomb OfficeMacOmb2384.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319107-Bridgeview OfficeHarrison Township2460.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319136-Union Lake OfficeCommerce Township2503.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank440201-Crooks RoadRoyal Oak2506.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank320146-Fort GratiotFort Gratiot2516.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319108-Southfield - Nwestern & 12 MileSouthfield2649.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319196-Mexicantown (OC 10-13-15)Detroit2650.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319126-Troy Main (relo)Troy2704.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319167-WonderlandLivonia2758.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319168-Canton - Michigan & BeckCanton Township2758.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319174-Southfield GreenfieldSouthfield2817.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319133-St. Clair Shores OfficeSaint Clair Shores2860.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319161-Taylor Office (OC)Taylor2900.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank440224-WixomNovi2900.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319089-Shelby Township 23 MileShelby Township2920.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319134-Canal OfficeClinton Township3061.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank440215-SouthfieldSouthfield3175.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319140-Rochester OfficeRochester3181.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319083-Dearborn HeightsDearborn3240.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319135-14 Mile and HaggertyCommerce Township3278.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319128-Sterling Heights OfficeSterling Heights3320.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319138-Farmington OfficeFarmington Hills3320.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank320150-AlgonacAlgonac3334.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319137-Metro Parkway OfficeSterling Heights3350.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank320142-St. ClairEast China3357.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank440222-BrightonBrighton3360.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank440445-MarionMarion3401.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank440211-ClarkstonClarkston3543.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank440212-Grosse Pointe FarmsGrosse Pointe Woods3600.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319082-Clinton TownshipClinton Township3664.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319156-Novi 10 Mile OfficeNovi3748.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319084-Bloomfield TownshipBloomfield Township3796.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319146-Ferndale OfficeFerndale3808.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319103-24 and HayesShelby Township3815.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank440225-Grove RoadYpsilanti3834.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319104-Chesterfield Township OfficeChesterfield Township3952.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319147-New BaltimoreNew Baltimore3999.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank440202-Downtown Royal OakRoyal Oak4200.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319105-Romeo OfficeRomeo4234.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319106-Washington OfficeWashington4234.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank440230-WhittakerYpsilanti4276.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank440207-Brown BaldwinLake Orion4300.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319131-Waterford OfficeWaterford4500.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank010345-Jefferson VillageDetroit5195.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319102-South OfficeMT. Clemens5400.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319088-Southfield 12 Mile/EvergreenSouthfield5592.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319117-Dequindre OfficeWarren5760.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank440208-FentonFenton6741.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319129-Clinton Township OfficeFraser6931.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319118-Hoover OfficeWarren7464.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319119-Ryan OfficeWarren7650.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319142-Oakman OfficeDearborn9500.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319127-Hamtramck OfficeHamtramck9800.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319120-Schoenherr - Warren BankWarren10573.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319080-Dearborn - Michigan AveDearborn11023.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank319081-Birmingham / MapleBirmingham11297.0
Financial InstitutionHuntington Bank440229-WashtenawYpsilanti16092.0
OfficeIBEW Local 58 Zero Net Energy CenterIBEW Local 58 Zero Net Energy Center1358 Abbott StreetDetroit33000.0
Multi-FamilyIcon On BondIcon On Bond538 Bond ave NWGrand Rapids100000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/Serviceideel solutions incideel solutions inc22393 starksClinton township5000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialImpact FabImpact Fab3440 John F Donnelly DriveHolland28000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialImpact Fab - B2Impact Fab - B212855 Riley StHolland8000.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankAuburn1004 W. Midland Rd.Auburn1352.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankWhite Cloud1075 Wilcox AveWhite Cloud5306.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankKalamazoo1090 N 10th St.Kalamazoo2500.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankCaro1111 W. Caro RdCaro8307.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankPleasant Lake11628 Bunkerhill Rd.Pleasant Lake2272.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankFile Building123 S. Kidd StIonia11068.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankHolland12368 Riley StHolland8170.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankTraverse City Garfield1239 South Garfield AveTraverse City1996.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankWilliamston1245 E. Grand RiverWilliamston1713.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankCharlotte129 Lansing St.Charlotte3366.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankBelding130 S. Bridge St.Belding8600.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankEast Lansing1380 W. Lake Lansing Rd.East Lansing2784.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankLeslie144 S. Main St.Leslie6000.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankCenter1445 N. Center Rd.Saginaw3091.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankPortland1601 E. Grand River AvePortland2862.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankEssexville1615 W. Center AveEssexville3676.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankMason190 W. Kipp Rd.Mason2756.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankTroy Main201 W. Big Beaver Rd, Suite 125Troy-
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankBellevue204 W. Capital AveBellevue1400.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankStandish209 S. Main St.Standish2197.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankOkemos2119 Hamilton Rd.Okemos2446.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankJohnson Building227 W. Main St.Ionia42777.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankIonia Operations , AKA Ionia Main230 W. Main St.Ionia21240.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankEaton Rapids2461 S. Michigan Rd.Eaton Rapids2779.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankSouth Ionia2551 S. State Rd.Ionia5148.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankMarlette2593 S. Van Dyke Rd.Marlette2184.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankSaranac29 Church St.Saranac2622.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankWest Road2900 West Rd.; Suite 100East Lansing-
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankPlainfield3090 Plainfield NEGrand Rapids3956.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankMt. Pleasant319 E. BroadwayMt. Pleasant6487.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankCarson City323 W. Main St.Carson City5027.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankHenry Street3251 Henry StreetRoosevelt Park13655.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankBeverly Hills32800 Southfield RoadBeverly Hills2565.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankFarmington Hills32900 Middlebelt RoadFarmington Hills3618.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankTraverse City Downtown333 W Grandview ParkwayTraverse City15993.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankClio3500 W. Vienna Rd.Clio3015.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankState St3601 State StreetSaginaw4160.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankLivonia37601 Five Mile RoadLivonia3572.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankNorth Branch D.I.3765 Huron St.North Branch369.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankNewaygo40 N. State RdNewaygo6000.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankTraverse City Copper Ridge4011 Eastern Sky DrTraverse City2000.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankBig Rapids404 Perry St. Suite ABig Rapids6200.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankNorth Branch4046 Huron St.North Branch8800.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankPinconning408 MableSt. Pinconning2587.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankCedar Springs4115 17 Mile Rd.Cedar Springs3364.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankEast Beltline4200 E. Beltline Ave NEGrand Rapids20000.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankPoint450 S. DexterIonia3000.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankStandale4525 Lake Michigan Dr. NWWalker2728.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankFashion Square4850 Bay RoadSaginaw3300.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankShelby Township49785 Van Dyke AveShelby3395.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankSand Lake5 Third St.Sand Lake3228.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankSparta525 S. State St.Sparta3228.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankSaginaw Dixie Hwy5500 Dixie HwySaginaw3600.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankBay City Annex615 - 617 Washington Ave.Bay City-
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankBay City Main623 Washington AveBay City20054.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankCass City6241 Main St.Cass City-
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankBad Axe - New655 North Port Crescent Ave.Bad Axe3476.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankCaseville6727 Main St.Caseville5922.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankCascade6750 Cascade Rd. S.E.Grand Rapids3000.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankHoward City720 W. ShawHoward City2784.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankEuclid745 N. Euclid AveBay City2920.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent Bank77 Monroe Center77 Monroe Center NWGrand Rapids-
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankRockford78 S. Main St.Rockford5412.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankBrighton Branch8700 North Second StBrighton-
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankSebewaing M258880 Unionville Rd.Sebewaing1941.0
Financial InstitutionIndependent BankSuttons Bay93 West ForthSuttons Bay2625.0
Independent BankIndependent Bank204 W. Capital AveBellevue
Independent BankIndependent Bank4200 E BeltlineGrand Rapids
Manufacturing/IndustrialInformsInforms13055 Riley St #10Holland30000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialInnotec - E. Washington AveInnotec - E. Washington Ave233 Washington AveZeeland40000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialInnotec - Suite 100Innotec - Suite 100441 E RooseveltZeeland78000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialInnotec - Suite 200Innotec - Suite 200550 Case Karsten Drive 200Zeeland27890.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialInnotec - Suite 50Innotec - Suite 50451 E RooseveltZeeland75000.0
officeIntegrated Design Inc.Integrated Design Inc.3768 Plaza Dr.Ann Arbor7600.0
OfficeIntergrated Services of KalamazooIntergrated Services of Kalamazoo615 E Crosstown PkwyKalamazoo17062.0
OfficeIntergrated Services of KalamazooIntergrated Services of Kalamazoo2030 Portage StKalamazoo9324.0
OfficeIntergrated Services of KalamazooIntergrated Services of Kalamazoo418 W Kalamazoo AveKalamazoo28996.0
OfficeIntergrated Services of KalamazooIntergrated Services of Kalamazoo610 S Burdick StKalamazoo24833.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialIntertek - 0101/072 - DetroitIntertek - 0101/072 - Detroit1401 Zug Island RoadDetroit50000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialIntertek - 0151/021 - KentwoodIntertek - 0151/021 - Kentwood4700 Broadmoor SE Suite 200Kentwood50000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialIntertek - 0151/041 - Plymouth TownshipIntertek - 0151/041 - Plymouth Township45000 Helm Street Suite 150Plymouth Township50000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialIntertek - 0507/010 - Grand RapidsIntertek - 0507/010 - Grand Rapids1316 Front Avenue NW Suite 117Grand Rapids50000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialIntertek - 0507/012 - TroyIntertek - 0507/012 - Troy1393 Wheaton Drive Suite 800Troy50000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialIntertek - 0507/024 - SaginawIntertek - 0507/024 - Saginaw218 E. Morley DriveSaginaw50000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialIntertek - 0507/033 - LansingIntertek - 0507/033 - Lansing3120 Sovereign Drive Suite CLansing50000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialIntertek - 0507/034 - KalamazooIntertek - 0507/034 - Kalamazoo3614 Lake StreetKalamazoo50000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialIntertek - 0507/044 - Farmington HillsIntertek - 0507/044 - Farmington Hills37483 Interchange DriveFarmington Hills75000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialIntertek - 0507/121 - Detroit JeffersonIntertek - 0507/121 - Detroit Jefferson985 E. Jefferson Avenue Suite 200Detroit75000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialITC Incorporated - Global HQ - Hudsonville, MIITC Incorporated - Global HQ - Hudsonville, MI3030 Corporate Exchange DrHudsonville68000.0
OfficeITC Incorporated Global HQITC Incorporated Global HQ230 E Lakewood BlvdHolland35000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialJireh Metal GrandvilleJireh Metal Grandville3635 Nardin StreetGrandville72000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialJireh Metal HollandJireh Metal Holland864 Productions PlaceHolland43000.0
OfficeJLLJLL6300 Interfirst AveAnn Arbor255000.0
OfficeJSJ CorproationJSJ Corproation700 Robbins RoadGrand Haven10000.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantJW MARRIOTTJW MARRIOTT235 Louis NWGrand Rapids485000.0
EducationKalamazoo Central HighKalamazoo Central High2432 N Drake RdKalamazoo352385.0
OfficeKalamazoo City HallKalamazoo City Hall241 W South StKalamazoo30000.0
Office and WarehouseKalamazoo Loaves and FishesKalamazoo Loaves and Fishes901 Portage StKalamazoo22815.0
Office and WarehouseKalamazoo Metro, Bus Storage/Repair WarehouseKalamazoo Metro, Bus Storage/Repair Warehouse530 N RoseKalamazoo81200.0
OtherKalamazoo Metro, Transit CenterKalamazoo Metro, Transit Center459 N BurdickKalamazoo11234.0
Entertainment/Hotel/Restaurant & OfficeKalamazoo Nonprofit Advocacy Coalition (KNAC)Kalamazoo Nonprofit Advocacy Coalition (KNAC)315 W Michigan AveKalamazoo30000.0
OfficeKalamazoo Public Safety Building (Crosstown)Kalamazoo Public Safety Building (Crosstown)150 E Crosstown PkwyKalamazoo83000.0
OfficeKalamazoo Public Services Building (Stockbridge)Kalamazoo Public Services Building (Stockbridge)415 E Stockbridge AveKalamazoo73672.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantKalamazoo State TheatreKalamazoo State Theatre404 S Burdick StKalamazoo50032.0
OtherKalamazoo Valley MuseumKalamazoo Valley Museum230 N Rose StKalamazoo60000.0
OtherKalamazoo Water Reclamation Plant (KWRP)Kalamazoo Water Reclamation Plant (KWRP)1415 Harrison StKalamazoo196000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceKalsec Inc.Kalsec Inc.1828 Palmer AveKalamazoo35000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceKalsec Inc.Kalsec Inc.763 E Vine StKalamazoo36700.0
OfficeKelly Service - Global HeadquartersKelly Service - Global Headquarters999 West Big BeaverTroy175438.0
OfficeKelly Services - Kirts BlvdKelly Services - Kirts Blvd295 Kirst BlvdTroy100000.0
OfficeKelly Services - Lindsey CentreKelly Services - Lindsey Centre2690 Crooks RdTroy87892.0
OfficeKelly Services- AnnexKelly Services - Annex911 West Big BeaverTroy50332.0
Health/HospitalKelsey Specialty HospitalKelsey Specialty Hospital418 Washington Ave.Lakeview72711.0
UniversityKendall College of Art & Design Fountain BuildingsKendall College of Art & Design Fountain Buildings17 Fountain NWGrand Rapids162909.0
UniversityKendall College of Art & Design Woodbridge N Ferris BuildingKendall College of Art & Design Woodbridge N Ferris Building17 Pearl St NWGrand Rapids91000.0
EducationKendall College of Art and Design Fountain BuildingKendall College of Art and Design Fountain Building110 Ionia NWGrand Rapids162909.0
EducationKendall College of Art and Design WNFKendall College of Art and Design WNF130 Ionia Avenue and 155 Division AvenueGrand Rapids91000.0
OfficeKent Intermediate School District-ESC BuildingKent Intermediate School District-ESC Building2930 Knapp st. NEGrand Rapids55889.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialKnape and Vogt - Oak IndustrialKnape and Vogt - Oak Industrial2700 Oak Industrial Drive NEGrand Rapids430000.0
UniversityKVCCAnna Whitten Hall202 N Rose StKalamazoo44000.0
OtherLadder 14 (Medic 12)Ladder 14 (Medic 12)2200 Crane StDetroit4500.0
OtherLadder 20 (Squad 2, Medic 6)Ladder 20 (Squad 2, Medic 6)433 W Alexandrine StDetroit11000.0
OtherLadder 22Ladder 226830 McGraw AveDetroit4200.0
OtherLadder 30 (CLOSED)Ladder 30 (CLOSED)17475 Mt Elliott StDetroit8000.0
OfficeLake Michigan MailersLake Michigan Mailers3777 Sky King BlvdKalamazoo28000.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union - BrightonLake Trust Credit Union - Brighton8661 W Grand RiverBrighton7790.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union - Center LineLake Trust Credit Union - Center Line7350 Bernice StCenter Line1972.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union - ChelseaLake Trust Credit Union - Chelsea1170 S Main StChelsea3520.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union - DewittLake Trust Credit Union - Dewitt12750 Escanaba DriveDewitt Charter Township10248.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union - Grand HavenLake Trust Credit Union - Grand Haven17350 Robbins RdGrand Haven4019.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union - HastingsLake Trust Credit Union - Hastings2069 Church StHastings5146.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union - HeadquartersLake Trust Credit Union - Headquarters4605 S Old US Highway 23Brighton98643.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union - HollandLake Trust Credit Union - Holland340 120th AveHolland5900.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union - Howell Grand RiverLake Trust Credit Union - Howell Grand River4465 E Grand River AveHowell2155.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union - Lake LansingLake Trust Credit Union - Lake Lansing1300 W Lake Lansing Rd EastLansing2625.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union - Mt PleasantLake Trust Credit Union - Mt Pleasant1011 N Harris St.Mt Pleasant1946.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union - OkemosLake Trust Credit Union - Okemos1821 Newman RdOkemos10248.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union: PackardLake Trust Credit Union: Packard2222 Packard StAnn Arbor2535.0
financial institutionLake Trust Credit Union: SecondaryLake Trust Credit Union: Secondary8420 Billwood HwyDimondale2400.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union: South LansingLake Trust Credit Union: South Lansing6440 S Pennsylvania StLansing5027.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union: StadiumLake Trust Credit Union: Stadium2180 W Stadium BlvdAnn Arbor2000.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union: West Saginaw Drive ThroughLake Trust Credit Union: West Saginaw Drive Through6999 W Saginaw HwyLansing800.0
Financial InstitutionLake Trust Credit Union: West Saginaw MainLake Trust Credit Union: West Saginaw Main7007 W Saginaw HwyLansing2593.0
EducationLakeshore Elementary SchoolLakeshore Elementary School3765 N 168th AveHolland68500.0
EducationLakewood Elementary SchoolLakewood Elementary School2134 W Lakewood BlvdHolland64873.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialLakewood Fab TechLakewood Fab Tech875 Brooks AveHolland50000.0
RetailLatin American SupermarketLatin American Supermarket758 alger st swwyoming3000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceLaundry Land of YPSY IncLaundry Land of YPSY Inc1001,1003,1005 E Michigan AvenueYpsilanti6800.0
OtherLeelanau County Law Enforcement CenterLeelanau County Law Enforcement Center8525 E Government Center DriveSuttons Bay44000.0
Health/HospitalLemmen Holton (specialty hospital)Lemmen Holton (specialty hospital)145 Michigan AveGrand Rapids324723.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantLemonjellosLemonjellos61 E 9th StHolland1800.0
EducationLenawee Intermediate School DistrictLenawee Intermediate School District1372 North Adrian HwyAdrian80000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialLeon SpeakersLeon Speakers715 West Ellsworth RoadAnn Arbor32620.0
OfficeLevel One Bank CenterLevel One Bank Center37000 Grand River AveFarmington Hills76269.0
RetailLittle India Grocers49833 Grand River AveWixom
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantLittle River Casino ResortLittle River Casino Resort2700 Orchard HwyManistee439171.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialLOGICDATA NALOGICDATA NA1525 Gezon Parkway SW,Suite CGrand Rapids20000.0
Place of WorshipLord of Lords MinistriesLord of Lords Ministries9341 ChalmersDetroit2200.0
EducationLoy NorrixLoy Norrix High School606 East Kilgore RoadKalamazoo334118.0
Health/HospitalLudington HospitalLudington HospitalOne Atkinson driveLudington150029.0
EducationMacatawa Bay Middle SchoolMacatawa Bay Middle School3700 140th AveHolland214868.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceMajestic Theatre & Garden BowlMajestic Theatre & Garden Bowl4120 Woodward Ave Detroit4140 Woodward28000.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantMarcia D. Perry LLC d/b/a Hollywood BarMarcia D. Perry LLC d/b/a Hollywood Bar181 N. Michigan Avenue
Manufacturing/IndustrialMaster Pneumatic-Detroit, Inc.Master Pneumatic-Detroit, Inc.6701 Eighteen Mile RdSterling Heights50000.0
OfficeMAVDSouth State I2723 South State StreetAnn Arbor97500.0
OfficeMAVD303 Detroit Street303 Detroit StreetAnn Arbor32400.0
OfficeMAVD350 S. Main Street350 S. Main StreetAnn Arbor64848.0
OfficeMazda North American OperationsMazda North American Operations26900 Hall RoadWoodhaven32500.0
EducationMCJJC400 N Rose StMt Clemens
OfficeMcKay Property Holdings, LLCMcKay Tower146 Monroe Center, NWGrand Rapids160000.0
Health/HospitalMcLaren Bay RegionMcLaren Bay Region1900 Columbus AveBay City521184.0
Health/HospitalMcLaren Bay Special CareMcLaren Bay Special Care3250 E Midland RdBay City74366.0
Health/HospitalMcLaren Central MichiganMcLaren Central Michigan1221 South DriveMount Pleasant200000.0
Health/HospitalMcLaren FlintMcLaren Flint401 S Ballenger HwyFlint765173.0
Health/HospitalMcLaren Greater Lansing HospitalMcLaren Greater Lansing Hospital401 W Greenlawn Ave.Lansing548558.0
Health/HospitalMcLaren Lapeer RegionMcLaren Lapeer Region1375 N Main StreetLapeer291390.0
Health/HospitalMcLaren MacombMcLaren Macomb1000 Harrington StreetMount Clemens682512.0
Health/HospitalMcLaren Northern MichiganMcLaren Northern Michigan416 Connable AvePetoskey527778.0
Health/HospitalMcLaren OaklandMcLaren Oakland47 N Perry StreetPontiac527778.0
Health/HospitalMcLaren Orthopedic HospitalMcLaren Orthopedic Hospital2727 S PennsylvaniaLansing236300.0
Health/HospitalMcLaren Port HuronMcLaren Port Huron1221 Pine Grove AvePort Huron583976.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceMclaughlins Furniture WarehouseMclaughlins Furniture Warehouse35700 Mac DrRomulus20000.0
OfficeMeadowlark Design + BuildMeadowlark Design + Build3250 W. Liberty RoadAnn Arbor9175.0
OtherMedic 9Medic 92820 Central AveDetroit7000.0
RetailMeijer - AlpineMeijer - Alpine2425 Alpine Ave NWGrand Rapids220774.0
RetailMeijer - Auburn HillsMeijer - Auburn Hills800 Brown RdAuburn Hills215744.0
RetailMeijer - WarrenMeijer - Warren29505 Mound RdWarren208601.0
RetailMeijer Bay CityMeijer Bay City535 N Pine RdBay City158698.0
RetailMeijer Fort GratiotMeijer Fort Gratiot4775 24th AveFort Gratiot216093.0
RetailMeijer GreenvilleMeijer Greenville606 S Greenville West DrGreenville203164.0
Health/HospitalMercy Health - Wege CampusMercy Health - Wege Campus300-310 LafayetteGrand Rapids155733.0
Health/HospitalMercy Health Hauenstein CenterMercy Health Hauenstein Center220 Cherry SEGrand Rapids144889.0
Health/HospitalMercy Health Lacks Cancer CenterMercy Health Lacks Cancer Center250 Cherry SEGrand Rapids174474.0
Health/HospitalMercy Health Main HospitalMercy Health Main Hospital200 Jefferson SEGrand Rapids378156.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialMetal FlowMetal Flow11694 James StHolland165000.0
Multi-FamilyMetea CourtMetea Court809 Rynearson StBuchanan79080.0
Health/HospitalMetro Health - University of Michigan HealthMetro Health - University of Michigan Health5900 Byron Center Ave SWWyoming575051.0
Health/HospitalMI Eye and Contact LensMI Eye and Contact Lens42081 W. 14 Mile RdNovi1800.0
OfficeMichigan Agency for Energy/Michigan Public Service CommissionMichigan Agency for Energy/Michigan Public Service Commission7109 W. Saginaw HighwayLansing72000.0
OfficeMichigan Economic Development CorporationMichigan Economic Development Corporation300 N Washington SquareLansing90000.0
VenueMichigan International SpeedwayMichigan International Speedway12626 US Highway 12Brooklyn41250.0
OfficeMichigan International SpeedwayMichigan International Speedway12626 US Highway 12Brooklyn20000.0
VenueMichigan International SpeedwayMichigan International Speedway12626 US Highway 12Brooklyn73980.0
Health/HospitalMichigan MedicalCancer Center1400 East Medical Center DrAnn Arbor277795.0
OfficeMichigan MedicalNorth Ingalls Buildng300 N. IngallsAnn Arbor325677.0
UniversityMichigan MedicalChild Care Center2601 Glazier WayAnn Arbor14850.0
Health/HospitalMichigan MedicalBrehm Center1000 Wall Street 5102Ann Arbor252234.0
Health/HospitalMichigan MedicalSamuel and Jean Frankel Cardiovascular Center1425 East Ann StreetAnn Arbor444952.0
Health/HospitalMichigan MedicalC.S. Mott Children's & Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital1540 East Hospital DrAnn Arbor1139406.0
Health/HospitalMichigan MedicalNorthville Health Center39901 Traditions DrNorthville102228.0
EducationMichigan Tech Sustainability Demonstration HouseMichigan Tech Sustainability Demonstration House21680 Woodland RoadHoughton5000.0
RetailMidtown Fresh MarketMidtown Fresh Market412 Howard StKalamazoo58140.0
RetailMinit MartMinit Mart434 Washington AveHolland1844.0
OtherMiraclesigns INCMiraclesigns INC2526 Oakwood BlvdMelvindale4000.0
RetailMireya Beauty and GroomingMireya Beauty & Grooming3283 S Division AvWyoming1500.0
OfficeMOCAPMOCAP1170 W. Southern AveMuskegon6027.0
UniversityMonroe County Community CollegeMonroe County Community College1555 South Raisinville RoadMonroe258517.0
EducationMonroe County ISDEd Center/SpEd Service Center1091 S. Raisinville Rd.Monroe65337.0
EducationMonroe County ISDAd Building/PDC1101 S. Raisinville Rd.Monroe31750.0
EducationMonroe County ISDTransition Center1103 S. Raisinville Rd.Monroe6800.0
UniversityMSUANTHONY HALL474 S SHAW LNEAST LANSINGEast Lansing319754.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantMSUAUDITORIUM542 AUDITORIUM RDEAST LANSING161113.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantMSUBRODY HALL241 W BRODY RDEAST LANSING166046.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantMSUCOWLES HOUSE1 ABBOT RDEAST LANSING16876.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantMSUBROAD ART MUSEUM547 E CIRCLE DREAST LANSING46237.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantMSUKELLOGG CENTER219 S HARRISON RDEAST LANSING232100.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantMSUMUNN ICE ARENA509 BIRCH RDEAST LANSING123191.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantMSUMUSEUM409 W CIRCLE DREAST LANSING54998.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceMSUPUBLIC SAFETY1120 RED CEDAR RDEAST LANSING36941.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantMSUSPARTAN STADIUM535 CHESTNUT RDEAST LANSING488295.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantMSUUNION BUILDING49 ABBOT RDEAST LANSING208924.0
Multi-familyMt. Pleasant Housing CommissionMt. Pleasant Housing Commission1 W. Mosher St.Mount Pleasant61490.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialMultiject LLCMultiject LLC74000 Cryderman RoadRichmond23000.0
Health/HospitalMunson Healthcare Grayling HospitalMunson Healthcare Grayling Hospital1100 E Michigan AveGrayling144188.0
Health/HospitalMunson Medical CenterMunson Medical Center1105 Sixth StreeetTraverse City907800.0
Health/HospitalMusculoskeletal Building (spectrum)Musculoskeletal Building (spectrum)230 Michigan AveGrand Rapids122536.0
OtherMuskegon Community College - Lakeshore Fitness CenterMuskegon Community College - Lakeshore Fitness Center900 W Western AveMuskegon60000.0
OtherMuskegon CountyMuskegon County980 Terrace StMuskegon100000.0
OtherMuskegon County AirportMuskegon County Airport444 E. Ellis RdMuskegon50497.0
OfficeMuskegon County Convention & Visitors BureauMuskegon County Convention & Visitors Bureau610 W Western AveMuskegon4404.0
Health/HospitalMuskegon County HealthWestMuskegon County HealthWest376 E Apple AveMuskegon58734.0
OtherMuskegon County Juvenile Transition CenterMuskegon County Juvenile Transition Center205 E. Apple AvenueMuskegon33492.0
OtherMuskegon County Michael E Kobza Hall of JusticeMuskegon County Michael E Kobza Hall of Justice990 Terrace StMuskegon
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceMuskegon County Muskegon Area Transit SystemMuskegon County Muskegon Area Transit System2624 6th StMuskegon Heights30500.0
OfficeMuskegon County Oak CampusMuskegon County Oak Campus1611 Oak StreetMuskegon32640.0
OtherMuskegon County Solid WasteMuskegon County Solid Waste9366 Apple AvenueRavenna10171.0
OfficeMuskegon County South CampusMuskegon County South Campus199 E. Apple AvenueMuskegon133565.0
OtherMuskegon County WastewaterMuskegon County Wastewater698 N. Maple Island RdMuskegon13069.0
OtherMuskegon Farmers Market and Kitchen 242Muskegon Farmers Market and Kitchen 242242 W. Western Avenue242 W. Western Avenue, Muskegon Farmers MarketMuskegon8000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceN0011171 - Share Spare Warehouse - HowellN0011171 - Share Spare Warehouse - Howell1415 Durant DriveHowell130000.0
OtherN0013356 - RENAISSANCE CENTERN0013356 - RENAISSANCE CENTER100 Renaissance CenterDetroit3000000.0
OfficeN0013425 - CCA GRAND BLANC (WORLD HQ)N0013425 - CCA GRAND BLANC (WORLD HQ)6200 GRANDPOINT DRIVEGrand Blanc320395.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceN0014903 - Pontiac North ComplexN0014903 - Pontiac North Complex220 East Columbia (Pontiac MetPontiac4266289.0
EducationNahhas IncNahhas inc2305 Junction stDetroit
OfficeNakota InvestmentsNakota Investments2725 NakotaRoyal Oak19800.0
OfficeNathan Smith State FarmNathan Smith State Farm4160 Lake Michigan Drive NWSuite AGrand Rapids1225.0
Multi-FamilyNational Church Residences/ Spring Valley CrossingNational Church Residences/ Spring Valley Crossing2535 Mt. Olivet RoadKalamazoo47562.0
Multi-FamilyNational Church Residences/Madison ManorNational Church Residences/Madison Manor27795 Dequindre RoadMadison Heights79202.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceNational Storage Centers Cedar SpringsNational Storage Centers Cedar Springs12505 Northland DrCedar Springs60000.0
Retailnational supermarket incnational supermarket inc1610 clyde park avegrand rapids14000.0
RetailNatural Woman Salon LLCNatural Woman Salon LLC8485 Old 13 Mile RdWarren1000.0
RetailNelson Properties Inc.Northfield Commons2045-2129 W. South Blvd.Troy79835.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialNelson Steel Products Inc EastNelson Steel Products Inc East452 E 48th StHolland23000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialNelson Steel Products Inc Main BuildingNelson Steel Products Inc Main Building410 E 48th StHolland60000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialNelson Steel Products Inc NorthNelson Steel Products Inc North1024 Industrial Ave RearHolland15000.0
EducationNew Buffalo Area SchoolsNew Buffalo Area Schools1112 E CLAY STNEW BUFFALO144000.0
EducationNew Buffalo Area SchoolsNew Buffalo Area Schools12291 Lubke rdnew buffalo66750.0
OtherNew Greater Christ ChurchNew Greater Christ Church13031 CharlevoixDetroit5000.0
OfficeNew Haven HousingNew Haven Housing30100 John Rivers DriveNew Haven,4000.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantNew Holland Brewery: KnickerbockerNew Holland Brewery: Knickerbocker417 Bridge St NWGrand Rapids40000.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantNew Holland Brewery: Production CampusNew Holland Brewery: Production Campus684 Commerce StHolland60000.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantNew Holland Brewery: Tap HouseNew Holland Brewery: Tap House70 E 8th StHolland4000.0
OtherNextEnergy CenterNextEnergy Center461 Burroughs St.Detroit44800.0
Multi-familyNiche Designs LLC / New Amadore ApartmentsNiche Designs LLC / New Amadore Apartments518 Thompson St.Saginaw50000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceNicholsNichols1391 Judson RoadNorton Shores112000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceNichols - HollandNichols - Holland807 Productions PlaceHolland21600.0
EducationNorth Holland Elementary SchoolNorth Holland Elementary School11946 New Holland StreetHolland35000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialNorthline econo washNorthline econo wash18127 snow aveSouthgate1500.0
OfficeNorthside Association for Community DevelopmentNorthside Association for Community Development612 N Park StKalamazoo9600.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialNPR of AmericaNPR of America11118 U.S. 31 HighwayGrand Haven140000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialNu WoolNu Wool2472 Port SheldonJenison72000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialNu Wool: CMSNu Wool: CMS2472 Port SheldonJenison20000.0
OtherOak ElectricOak Electric5492 Dixie HighwayWaterford12000.0
EducationOakland Christian SchoolOakland Christian School3075 Shimmons RdAuburn Hills80000.0
OtherOaks of Righteousness/Oaks VillageOaks of Righteousness/Oaks Village1018 E. 2ndMonroe11000.0
Health/HospitalOB-GYN PCOB-GYN PC2854 11th streetKalamazoo14400.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantOdawa CasinoOdawa Casino1760 Lears Rd.Petoskey278000.0
OtherOld training academy (CLOSED)Old training academy (CLOSED)2775 W Warren AveDetroit6600.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialOMT-Veyhl USA CorporationOMT-Veyhl USA Corporation11511 James StHolland215000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialOrbitform LLCOrbitform LLC1600 Executive DriveJackson110000.0
OfficeOxford property management/ Burlington Office center 2Oxford property management/ Burlington Office center 2315 East Eisenhower pkwyAnn Arbor84000.0
Multi-FamilyPablo Davis Elder Living CenterPablo Davis Elder Living Center9200 Vernor HwyDetroit71660.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantPapa John's MacombPapa John's Macomb51040 Hayes RoadMacomb1540.0
RetailPark Street MarketPark Street Market512 N Park StKalamazoo29000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialParker HannifinParker Hannifin8790 W Tamarack RdLakeview70000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialParker Hannifin FSC Division Headquarters BuildingParker Hannifin FSC Division Headquarters Building300 Parker DriveOtsego197258.0
OfficePath Insurance and Financial ServicesPath Insurance and Financial Services35764 Harper AveClinton Township1300.0
OfficePegasus EntertainmentPegasus Entertainment22008 WEST 8 MILE RDSOUTHFIELD8000.0
Health/HospitalPennock HospitalPennock Hospital1009 West Green StreetHasting395866.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServicePerformance Engineering GroupPerformance Engineering Group32995 IndustrialLivonia
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantPerrin Brewing CompanyPerrin Brewing Company5910 Comstock Park DrComstock Park23000.0
OtherPersonal PropertyPersonal Property4805 Starville RdEast China2500.0
OfficePiedmont Office Realty Trust, LPPiedmont Office Realty Trust, LP150 W Jefferson Ave Suite 1450Detroit487193.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServicePierce Cedar Creek InstitutePierce Cedar Creek Institute701 W Cloverdale RdHastings5256.0
EducationPine Creek Elementary SchoolPine Creek Elementary School1184 136th AveHolland68500.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialPliant PlasticsPliant Plastics17000 Taft RoadSpring Lake63000.0
OfficePorter Hills Corporate OfficePorter Hills Corporate Office4450 Cascade Rd SEGrand Rapids13000.0
Multi-familyPorter Hills VillagePorter Hills Village3600 E. FultonGrand Rapids350000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialPratt and Whitney: Plant 1 (5640 Enterprise)Pratt and Whitney: Plant 1 (5640 Enterprise)5640 Enterprise DrLansing37000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialPratt and Whitney: Plant 2 (1540 Keystone)Pratt and Whitney: Plant 2 (1540 Keystone)1540 Keystone AveLansing25000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialPratt and Whitney: Plant 3 (5720 Enterprise)Pratt and Whitney: Plant 3 (5720 Enterprise)5720 Enterprise DrLansing30000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialPratt and Whitney: Plant 4 ( 5643 Enterprise)Pratt and Whitney: Plant 4 ( 5643 Enterprise)5643 Enterprise DrLansing78088.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialPratt and Whitney: Plant 5 (1780 Holloway)Pratt and Whitney: Plant 5 (1780 Holloway)1780 Holloway DrHolt90000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialPridgeon and Clay: Cottage GrovePridgeon and Clay: Cottage Grove50 Cottage Grove St SwGrand Rapids324000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialPrimera Plastics: 80th AvePrimera Plastics: 80th Ave3473 80th Ave(phone number Ext 1017)Zeeland37500.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialPrimera Plastics: Production CtPrimera Plastics: Production Ct3424 Production Ct(phone number Ext 1017)Zeeland54028.0
Place of WorshipProvidence ChurchProvidence Church821 Ottawa AvenueHolland46140.0
Multi-FamilyQR Management LLCQR Management LLC1131 Church StreetAnn Arbor5386.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialR & C Enterprises LLCR & C Enterprises LLC3160 East Grand River AvenueHowell5109.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantRadisson Plaza HotelRadisson Plaza Hotel100 W. Michigan AveKalamazoo470664.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialRAMI: MainRAMI: Main14500 168th StreetGrand Haven58000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialRAMI: WestRAMI: West2125 168th StreetGrand Haven10000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialRanger Die IncRanger Die Inc1300 W. Randall StreetCoopersville87000.0
Health/HospitalReed City HospitalReed City Hospital300 N. PattersonReed City311000.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantRevel and Roll WestRevel and Roll West4500 Stadium DrKalamazoo48124.0
Place of WorshipRidge Point ChurchRidge Point Church340 104th AveHolland125000.0
OfficeRiverview BuildingRiverview Building44 8th St. EHolland26498.0
OfficeRiverview CenterRiverview Center678 Front AveGrand Rapids200000.0
Multi-FamilyRivervue ApartmentsRivervue Apartments214 East StreetBellevue24400.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceRoad Runner Transportation: Active AeroRoad Runner Transportation: Active Aero48184 D StreetBuilding #2064Belleview193837.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantRoam by San Chez bistro
RetailRochester BIke Shop Inc.Rochester BIke Shop Inc.426 S. Main St.Rochester5000.0
EducationRockford ConstructionRockford Construction601 First Street NWGrand Rapids60000.0
OfficeRockford ConstructionRockford Construction35 Oakes St SWGrand Rapids51164.0
OfficeRockford ConstructionRockford Construction665 Seward Ave NWGrand Rapids98770.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialRoot Lowell Manufacturing: Root Lowell ManufacturingRoot Lowell Manufacturing: Root Lowell Manufacturing1000 Foreman Rd.Lowell129700.0
Multi-FamilyRotana Group LLCRotana Group LLC3521 Caniff StHamtramck100000.0
OtherRTCRTC10200 Erwin AveDetroit120000.0
OfficeRTC Drilling and Honing LLCRTC Drilling and Honing LLC20712 RobinsonFarmington Hills4300.0
OtherRUTH VANDAMGrand Rapids Center for Community Transformation1530 Madison Ave SEGrand Rapids33144.0
RetailSacred Heart TattoosSacred Heart Tattoos19710 W 7 mileDetroit2000.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantSanchez Bistro and CateringSanchez Bistro and Catering38 West FultonSuite # 90 100Grand Rapids16000.0
Entertainment/Hotel/Restaurantschooners cafeschooners cafe1301 lutington stescanaba2500.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceSchupan and SonsSchupan and Sons216 Peekstok DrKalamazoo53057.0
RetailSears Holdings CorporationSears Holdings Corporation2100 Southfield RoadLincoln Park303066.0
RetailSears Store # 1390Sears Store # 1390900 BRIARWOOD CIRAnn Arbor163202.0
RetailSears Store # 1460Sears Store # 146029500 7 MILE RDLivonia412041.0
RetailSears Store # 1490Sears Store # 1490300 W 14 MILE RDTroy416984.0
RetailSears Store # 1700Sears Store # 170018900 MICHIGAN AVE STE 10Dearborn257919.0
RetailSears Store #1760Sears Store #176027600 NOVI RDNovi238906.0
OfficeSEEL Admin OfficeSEEL Admin Office1400 HowardDetroit10000.0
OfficeSEEL Opperations OffceSEEL Opperations Offce1600 HowardDetroit25000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialSharp Industries IncSharp Industries Inc5975 Ford CtBrighton30000.0
EducationSheldon Woods Elementary SchoolSheldon Woods Elementary School15050 Blair StreetWest Olive35000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialShoreline ContainerShoreline Container4450 North 136th AvenueHolland200000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialShoreline Container: Shoreline - ZeelandShoreline Container: Shoreline - Zeeland420 East Riley StZeeland205000.0
RetailSkip's PharmacySkip's Pharmacy700 Michigan AveHolland6200.0
OtherSMG-DeVos Place Convention CenterSMG-DeVos Place Convention Center303 Monroe Avenue NWGrand Rapids250000.0
RetailSmooth Vapes Shelby TownshipSmooth Vapes Shelby Township46747 Hayes RoadShelby Twp2008.0
Health/HospitalSouth Pavilion (specialty hospital) - SpectrumSouth Pavilion (specialty hospital) - Spectrum80 68th StreetGrand Rapids135203.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantSouthside InnSouthside Inn192 W 35th StHolland3600.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceSpankys Collision RepairSpankys Collision Repair3300 24th AveHudsonville10000.0
Health/HospitalSparrow HospitalSparrow Hospital1215 East Michigan AveLansing1370088.0
Health/HospitalSpectrum Health Blodgett HospitalSpectrum Health Blodgett Hospital1840 Wealthy St SE.Grand Rapids788533.0
Health/HospitalSpectrum Health Fuller Continuing CareSpectrum Health Fuller Continuing Care750 Fuller Ave NE.Grand Rapids235000.0
Health/HospitalSpectrum Health Gerber MemorialSpectrum Health Gerber Memorial212 S. Sullivan Ave.Fremont128848.0
Health/HospitalSpectrum Health Kalamazoo Continuing CareSpectrum Health Kalamazoo Continuing Care4118 Kalamazoo Ave SE.Grand Rapids122600.0
Health/HospitalSpectrum Health Lemmen-Holton Cancer PavillionSpectrum Health Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavillion145 Michigan Street NEGrand Rapids282878.0
Health/HospitalSpectrum Health PennockSpectrum Health Pennock1009 W Green St.Hastings176000.0
Health/HospitalSpectrum Health Reed CitySpectrum Health Reed City300 N. Patterson Rd.Reed City96000.0
EducationSportsmen's Dog Training Club of Detroit, Inc.Sportsmen's Dog Training Club of Detroit, Inc.1930 TobsalWarren9000.0
OtherSpring Lake District LibrarySpring Lake District Library123 E Exchange StSpring Lake35235.0
OtherSquad 3Squad 31818 E Grand BlvdDetroit4800.0
OtherSquad 4 (Medic 7)Squad 4 (Medic 7)1697 W Grand BlvdDetroit6800.0
OtherSquad 5 (Medic 18)Squad 5 (Medic 18)18236 Livernois AveDetroit6500.0
OtherSquad 6 (Medic 13)Squad 6 (Medic 13)10645 Shoemaker StDetroit4428.0
UniversitySt. Clair County Community College - AJTSt. Clair County Community College - AJT323 Erie StPort Huron20000.0
UniversitySt. Clair County Community College - ATCSt. Clair County Community College - ATC323 Erie StPort Huron20000.0
UniversitySt. Clair County Community College - Main BuildingSt. Clair County Community College - Main Building323 Erie StPort Huron72350.0
UniversitySt. Clair County Community College - MTECSt. Clair County Community College - MTEC321 Erie StPort Huron20000.0
OtherSt. Clair County Community College - NBSt. Clair County Community College - NB323 Erie StPort Huron20000.0
Place of WorshipSt. Luke's Episcopal ChurchSt. Luke's Episcopal Church247 W. Lovell St.Kalamazoo30000.0
EducationSt. Suzanne Cody Rouge Community Resource CenterSt. Suzanne Cody Rouge Community Resource Center19321 W ChicagoDetroit26680.0
EducationSt. Suzanne Cody Rouge Community Resource Center Clothing ClosetSt. Suzanne Cody Rouge Community Resource Center Clothing Closet19321 W ChicagoDetroit524.0
EducationSt. Suzanne Our Lady Gate of Heaven Catholic ChurchSt. Suzanne Our Lady Gate of Heaven Catholic Church9357 WestwoodDetroit14818.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialStanco Metal: Stanco - Grand HavenStanco Metal: Stanco - Grand Haven2101 168th AveGrand Haven129000.0
EducationStandish-Sterling Community SchoolsStandish-Sterling Community Schools2401 Grove RoadStandish151000.0
OfficeState of MichiganJackson State Office building301 louis Glick HWYJackson80000.0
OfficeState of Michigan-Cadillac PlaceState of Michigan-Cadillac Place3044 W Grand BlvdDetroit1676196.0
OfficeState of Michigan-Constitution HallState of Michigan-Constitution Hall525 W Allegan StreetLansing622445.0
OfficeState of Michigan-Escanaba State Office BldgState of Michigan-Escanaba State Office Bldg305 Ludington StreetEscanaba29054.0
OfficeState of Michigan-Flint State Office BldgState of Michigan-Flint State Office Bldg125 East Union StreetFlint152895.0
OfficeState of Michigan-George W Romney BldgState of Michigan-George W Romney Bldg111 S Capital AveLansing294504.0
OfficeState of Michigan-Grand TowerState of Michigan-Grand Tower235 South Grand AvenueLansing318388.0
OfficeState of Michigan-Hall of JusticeState of Michigan-Hall of Justice925 West OttawaLansing354238.0
OfficeState of Michigan-Jerome T Hart BldgState of Michigan-Jerome T Hart Bldg411 East GeneseeSaginaw169056.0
OfficeState of Michigan-Lewis Cass BldgState of Michigan-Lewis Cass Bldg320 S Walnut StreetLansing268723.0
OfficeState of Michigan-Lottery/Ellis BuildingState of Michigan-Lottery/Ellis Building101 E Hillsdale StreetLansing129427.0
OfficeState of Michigan-South GrandState of Michigan-South Grand333 S Grand Ave.Lansing177971.0
OfficeState of Michigan-Traverse City State Office BldgState of Michigan-Traverse City State Office Bldg701 W ElmwoodSuit 1Traverse City49684.0
OfficeState of Michigan-Warehouse Complex Building 100State of Michigan-Warehouse Complex Building 1003111 W. St Joseph HwyLansing61247.0
OfficeState of Michigan/Grand Rapids State Office BuildingState of Michigan/Grand Rapids State Office Building350 Ottawa N.W.Grand Rapids101000.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantStaybridge SuitesStaybridge Suites2001 Seneca LnKalamazoo69770.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialSteelcase Caledonia Wood PlantSteelcase Caledonia Wood Plant4100 68th StCaledonia600000.0
OfficeSteelcase Global HeadquartersSteelcase Global Headquarters901 44th Street SEGrand Rapids385000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialSteelcase Kentwood PlantSteelcase Kentwood Plant4360 52nd St SEKentwood788000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceSteelcase Kentwood Regional Distribution CenterSteelcase Kentwood Regional Distribution Center4380 52nd StreetKentwood1118000.0
OfficeSteelcase University and Innovation CenterSteelcase University and Innovation Center1111 44th St SEGrand Rapids340000.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantStella's LoungeStella's Lounge53 Commerce SWGrand Rapids5000.0
OfficeStrykerStryker Corporate Headquarters2825 Airview BlvdKalamazoo75000.0
Multi-familySunset ManorSunset Manor725 Baldwin StJenison223400.0
OfficeSunspace West MichiganSunspace West Michigan4625 Clyde Park SWWyoming7000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceTeam GUTS, IncTeam GUTS, Inc1008 Orchard Street1008 Orchard StreetFerndale11650.0
EducationThe Charles H. Wright Museum of African American HistoryThe Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History315 E. Warren RoadDetroit12200.0
OfficeThe Christman Company - Grand RapidsThe Christman Company - Grand Rapids634 Front StreetGrand Rapids47865.0
OfficeThe Christman Company - LansingThe Christman Company - Lansing208 N Capitol AveLansing62731.0
Place of WorshipThe ChurchThe Church1131 Church StreetAnn Arbor3489.0
OfficeThe FoundryThe Foundry600 E Michigan AveKalamazoo53600.0
OfficeThe Greening of DetroitThe Greening of Detroit13000 W. McNicholsDetroit8515.0
OfficeThe Leslie Studio, Inc.The Leslie Studio, Inc.3535 Lake Eastbrook BlvdGrand Rapids1200.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantThe Meanwhile BarThe Meanwhile Bar1005 Wealthy St SEGrand Rapids1500.0
Place of WorshipThe Peoples ChurchThe Peoples Church200 W Grand River AveEast Lansing68000.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantThe Pyramid Scheme BarThe Pyramid Scheme Bar68 Commerce Ave SEGrand Rapids6500.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceThe Safety SourceThe Safety Source35320 Forton CourtCharter Township of Clinton10000.0
RetailThe Sharpe CollectionThe Sharpe Collection1010 28th ST SEGrand Rapids83500.0
Multi-FamilyThe Village of University MeadowsThe Village of University Meadows4500 TrumbullDetroit
OfficeTheodore Levin U.S. CourthouseTheodore Levin U.S. Courthouse231 W. Lafayette Blvd.Detroit771904.0
OfficeThomas Duke Company- Duke & DukeThomas Duke Company- Duke & Duke3700 Grand River AveFarmington Hills76269.0
OfficeThomas Duke Company-1700 BuildingThomas Duke Company-1700 Building1700 W. Big Beaver RoadTroy37938.0
OfficeThomas Duke Company-Century BuildingThomas Duke Company-Century Building21500 Haggerty RoadNorthville47412.0
OfficeThomas Duke Company-Congress BuildingThomas Duke Company-Congress Building30555 Southfield RoadSouthfield52586.0
OfficeThomas Duke Company-Haggerty PointeThomas Duke Company-Haggerty Pointe39300 W. Twelve Mile Road4315648.0Farmington Hills45226.0
OfficeThomas Duke Company-Learning Care Group Building / Haggerty ProjectThomas Duke Company-Learning Care Group Building / Haggerty Project21333 Haggerty RoadNovi61180.0
OfficeThomas Duke Company-Liberty CenterThomas Duke Company-Liberty Center50, 100 W. Big Beaver RoadTroy312390.0
OfficeThomas Duke Company-PowerscourtThomas Duke Company-Powerscourt17199 N. Laurel Park DriveLivonia108714.0
OtherTindal Activity CenterTindal Activity Center10301 W. Seven MileDetroit24000.0
OfficeTower 25Tower 2525 Michigan Street NE.Grand Rapids197631.0
OfficeTower 35Tower 3535 Michigan Street NE.Grand Rapids212513.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialTrans-Matic Holland Production CenterTrans-Matic Holland Production Center300 E 48th StHolland61000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialTrans-Matic Holland WarehouseTrans-Matic Holland Warehouse471 E 40th StHolland93000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceTrendway CorporationTrendway Corporation13467 Quincy StreetHolland485000.0
OfficeTreystarThe Monroe Building151 E Michigan AveKalamazoo10000.0
OfficeTreystarThe Haymarket Building161 E Michigan AveKalamazoo46020.0
OfficeTreystarMain Street East225 E Michigan AveKalamazoo65000.0
OfficeTreystar 225Treystar 225225 E Michigan Ave, #BKalamazoo10000.0
OfficeTreystar 229Treystar 229229 E Michigan AveKalamazoo10000.0
OfficeTreystar 241Treystar 241241 E Michigan AveKalamazoo10000.0
OfficeTreystar 251Treystar 251251 E Michigan AveKalamazoo10000.0
OfficeTreystar 259Treystar 259259 E Michigan AveKalamazoo10000.0
OfficeTrillium Real EstateTrillium Real Estate323 Braun CtAnn Arbor3300.0
OfficeU.S. General Services Administration / Port Huron Federal Building & U.S. CourthouseU.S. General Services Administration / Port Huron Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse526 Water StreetPort Huron44397.0
OfficeU.S. General Services Administration / Theodore Levin U.S. CourthouseU.S. General Services Administration / Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse231 West Lafayette Blvd.Detroit764888.0
OtherUICA | Kendall College of Art and DesignUICA | Kendall College of Art and Design2 West FultonGrand Rapids25000.0
Health/HospitalUnited Hospital - GreenvilleUnited Hospital - Greenville615 S. Bower StreetGreenville426000.0
Hospital (General Medical & Surgical)University of Michigan5173 Children's & Women's Hospital1500 E. Medical Center DriveAnn Arbor1116649.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan1100 North University Building425 E University425 E UniversityAnn Arbor187433.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganAlumni Center200 FLETCHERAnn Arbor34447.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganAnimal Research Facility1235 Catherine RoadAnn Arbor15591.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganAnn & Robert H Biomedical Engineering Bldg1101 BealAnn Arbor65028.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganBagnoud Francois-Xavier Building1320 BealAnn Arbor101812.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganBentley Historical Library1150 BealAnn Arbor66537.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganBeyster Bob & Betty Building2260 HaywardAnn Arbor104132.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganBiological Science Building1105 N University AveAnn Arbor312212.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganBlau Jeff T. Hall700 E University AveAnn Arbor106202.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganBonisteel Interdisciplinary Research Building2360 Bonisteel BoulevardAnn Arbor21993.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganBuhl Res Cen For Human Genetic1241 Catherine StreetAnn Arbor18971.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganChemistry930 N UniversityAnn ArborAnn Arbor544628.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganChrysler Cntr Cont Engineer Ed2121 Bonisteel BoulevardAnn Arbor45310.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganClements William L Library909 S UniversityAnn Arbor27257.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganCook Legal Research801 MonroeAnn Arbor212255.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganDental W K Kellogg Found Inst1011 N UniversityAnn Arbor378556.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganDow Herbert H Building2300 HaywardAnn Arbor154419.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganDuderstadt Center2281 Bonisteel BoulevardAnn Arbor240255.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganEducation School Of610 E UniversityAnn Arbor215013.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganEngineering Programs Building2609 DraperAnn Arbor80487.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganEngineering Research Building 12200 Bonisteel BoulevardAnn Arbor36033.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganEngineering Research Building 22200 Bonisteel BoulevardAnn Arbor28332.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganEnvironmental & Water Res Eng Bldg1351 BealAnn Arbor37129.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganHatcher H North Graduate Library920 N UniversityAnn Arbor194942.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganHutchins Hall625 S StateAnn Arbor119856.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganIndustrial & Operations Engin Bldg1205 BealAnn Arbor50220.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganKinesiology Building1402-1404 Washington HeightsAnn Arbor30964.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganKresge Hall700 East UniversityAnn Arbor76731.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganLay Automotive E Automotive Lab1231 BealAnn Arbor63295.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganLiterature Science And The Arts500 S StateAnn Arbor129755.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganLorch Hall611 TappanAnn Arbor89572.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganModern Languages Building812 E WashihngtonAnn Arbor135366.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganMoore Earl V Bldg1100 BaitsAnn Arboar172639.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganNaval Arch & Marine Engineering2600 DraperAnn Arbor47002.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganSchool Of Nursing Building400 N IngallsAnn Arbor141981.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganSchool Of Nursing New Building426 N IngallsAnn Arbor80301.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganShapiro Harold & Vivian Library919 S UniversityAnn Arbor175908.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganTaubman A Alfred Medical LibraryAnn Arbor
UniversityUniversity of MichiganTaubman A Alfred Medical Library1135 Catherine St.Ann Arbor14974.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganUndergraduate Science Bldg.204 WashtenawAnn Arbor141517.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganWeiser Hall500 Church StAnn Arbor144286.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganWest Hall550 E UniversityAnn Arbor166541.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganWyly Hall724 E UniversityAnn Arbor82352.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganCcrb & Bell Pool & Dance Buildings401 Washtenaw AvenueAnn Arbor207042.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganColiseum721 S Fifth AvenueAnn Arbor38404.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganStamps Auditorium1226 Murfin AvenueAnn Arbor13488.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganNorth Campus Recreation Building2375 HubbardAnn Arbor66876.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganRevelli Wm D Band Rehearsal Hall350 E HooverAnn Arbor15620.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganHealth Service207 FletcherAnn Arbor79177.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan202 South Thayer Building202 S Thayer StreetAnn Arbor59825.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganAdministrative Services Building1009 Greene StreetAnn Arbor91653.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganBuhr Building200 HillAnn Arbor187245.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganBusiness Admin Executive Dorm710 E UniversityAnn Arbor50758.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganCampus Safety Services Building1239 Kipke DriveAnn Arbor108241.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganLane Hall204 S StateAnn Arbor39993.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganSchool Of Information North1075 BealAnn Arbor30930.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganStudent Activities515 E JeffersonAnn Arbor119626.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganTappan Hall519 S StateAnn Arbor37576.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganKelsey Museum434 S StateAnn Arbor40574.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganMatthaei Bot Gardens1800 DixboroAnn Arbor91085.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganMich Memorial Phoenix Laboratory2301 Bonisteel BoulevardAnn Arbor45461.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganMolecular & Behaviorial Neuroscience Institute205 Zina Pitcher PlaceAnn Arbor49956.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganNorth Quad105 S. State StAnn Arbor388357.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganResearch Museums Center3600 Varsity DriveAnn Arbor153375.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganSimpson Thomas H Memorial Institute102 N ObservatoryAnn Arbor17769.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganStearns Frederick Building2005 BaitsAnn Arbor18261.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganTowsley Center1515 E Hospital DriveAnn Arbor52332.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganU-M Transportation Research Institute2901 Baxter AvenueAnn Arbor81529.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganVaughan Victor C HouseAnn Arbor51518.0
UniversityUniversity of MichiganNorth University Building1100 North Unversity BuildingAnn Arbor187433.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan0327 University Hospital Education Center1018 Fuller StreetAnn Arbor8349.0
Medical OfficeUniversity of Michigan5019 Canton Health Center1051 Canton Center RdCanton51552.0
Financial InstitutionUniversity of Michigan5340 River Place Offices (KEC Ypsi)1974 N. Huron River Drive Suite 100Ypsilanti7124.0
OfficeUniversity of Michigan8162 Traverwood 12401 Plymouth RdAnn Arbor17086.0
Medical OfficeUniversity of Michigan8042 Briarwood 4355 Briarwood CircleAnn Arbor14063.0
OfficeUniversity of Michigan8126 KMS Fusion Building3621 S. StateAnn Arbor125908.0
Medical OfficeUniversity of Michigan8149 Dexter Family Practice7300 Ann Arbor RoadDexter8020.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Angell ComplexUniversity of Michigan Angell Complex435 S State StAnn Arbor238530.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Art & Architecture BuildingUniversity of Michigan Art & Architecture Building2000 Bonisteel BoulevardAnn Arbor258602.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Burton Memorial TowerUniversity of Michigan Burton Memorial Tower881 N. UniversityAnn Arbor20103.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan College of PharmacyUniversity of Michigan College of Pharmacy428 Church StAnn Arbor56772.0
Health/HospitalUniversity of Michigan Cooley Mortimer E MemorialUniversity of Michigan Cooley Mortimer E Memorial2355 Bonisteel BoulevardAnn Arbor46225.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Dana Samuel Trask BuildingUniversity of Michigan Dana Samuel Trask Building430 E UniversityAnn Arbor117148.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan East HallUniversity of Michigan East Hall525 E UniversityAnn Arbor339619.0
Health/HospitalUniversity of Michigan Electrical Engineering & Computer Science BuildingUniversity of Michigan Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Building1301 BealAnn Arbor305021.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Gerstacker BuildingUniversity of Michigan Gerstacker Building2200 Bonisteel BlvdAnn Arbor61692.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan GG Brown LaboratoryUniversity of Michigan GG Brown Laboratory2350 HaywardAnn Arbor291443.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Haven HallUniversity of Michigan Haven Hall505 S. StateAnn Arbor123488.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Institute for Social ResearchUniversity of Michigan Institute for Social Research426 Thompson StAnn Arbor225766.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Intramural Sports BuildingUniversity of Michigan Intramural Sports Building606 E HooverAnn Arbor108676.0
Health/HospitalUniversity of Michigan Kellogg Eye CenterUniversity of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center990 Wall StAnn Arbor81556.0
OfficeUniversity of Michigan Life Sciences InstituteUniversity of Michigan Life Sciences Institute210 Washtenaw AveAnn Arbor295882.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan LSA Administration BuildingUniversity of Michigan LSA Administration Building1007 E HuronAnn Arbor10907.0
OfficeUniversity of Michigan Lurie Engineering CenterUniversity of Michigan Lurie Engineering Center1222 BealAnn Arbor53878.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Madison BuildingUniversity of Michigan Madison Building109 E MadisonAnn Arbor22318.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Mason HallUniversity of Michigan Mason Hall419 S. StateAnn Arbor136012.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Medical Science 1University of Michigan Medical Science 11301 CatherineAnn Arbor298913.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Medical Science 2University of Michigan Medical Science 21137 Catherine StAnn Arbor333202.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Medical Sciences Research Building 1University of Michigan Medical Sciences Research Building 11150 W Medical Center Dr.Ann Arbor144646.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Medical Sciences Research Building 2University of Michigan Medical Sciences Research Building 21150 W Medical Center Dr.Ann Arbor163757.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Medical Sciences Research Building 3University of Michigan Medical Sciences Research Building 31150 W Medical Center Dr.Ann Arbor217894.0
OtherUniversity of Michigan Museum of ArtUniversity of Michigan Museum of Art525 S State StAnn Arbor99304.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Palmer CommonsUniversity of Michigan Palmer Commons100 Washtenaw AvenueAnn Arbor106471.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Perry BuildingUniversity of Michigan Perry Building330 PackardAnn Arbor123632.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Power CenterUniversity of Michigan Power Center121 FletcherAnn Arbor73087.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Rackham School of Graduate StudiesUniversity of Michigan Rackham School of Graduate Studies915 E WashingtonAnn Arbor157957.0
Health/HospitalUniversity of Michigan Randall Harrison M LaboratoryUniversity of Michigan Randall Harrison M Laboratory450 Church St.Ann Arbor217169.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Ross School of BusinessUniversity of Michigan Ross School of Business701 TappanAnn Arbor291415.0
EducationUniversity of Michigan School of Public Health 2University of Michigan School of Public Health 21420 Washington HeightsAnn Arbor171437.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan School of Social WorkUniversity of Michigan School of Social Work1080 S UniversityAnn Arbor143450.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan South HallUniversity of Michigan South Hall701 S. StateAnn Arbor103128.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Space Research LaboratoryUniversity of Michigan Space Research Laboratory2455 HaywardAnn Arbor104265.0
Health/HospitalUniversity of Michigan Taubman Biomedical Sciences Research BuildingUniversity of Michigan Taubman Biomedical Sciences Research Building109 Zina Pitcher PlaceAnn Arbor593719.0
Health/HospitalUniversity of Michigan Vaughan Henry F Public Health 1University of Michigan Vaughan Henry F Public Health 1109 S. ObservatoryAnn Arbor210906.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantUniversity of Michigan Walgreen Drama CenterUniversity of Michigan Walgreen Drama Center1226 MurfinAnn Arbor84149.0
UniversityUniversity of Michigan Weill HallUniversity of Michigan Weill Hall735 S. StateAnn Arbor97989.0
OfficeUniversity of Michigan Wolverine TowerUniversity of Michigan Wolverine Tower3003 S State StAnn Arbor224966.0
OtherUniversity of Michigan/Dana BuildingUniversity of Michigan/Dana Building440 Church StreetAnn Arbor117148.0
Entertainment/Hotel/RestaurantUniversity of Michiganl Hill AuditoriumUniversity of Michiganl Hill Auditorium825 N UniversityAnn Arbor105813.0
Multi-FamilyValley View IIIValley View III751 Valley View DriveIonia36513.0
VenueVan Andel ArenaVan Andel ArenaVan Andel Arena130 West FultonGrand Rapids150000.0
Health/HospitalVan Andel InstituteVan Andel Institute333 Bostwick Ave NEGrand Rapids400000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialVantage PlasticsVantage Plastics1415 W Cedar StStandish82000.0
Multi-FamilyVeridian Group LLCVeridian Group LLC22045 - 22065 West 8 Mile RdDetroit100000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialVictor S. Barnes Co. - Plant #1Victor S. Barnes Co. - Plant #11927 Will Ave NWGrand Rapids125000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialVictor S. Barnes Co. - Plant #2Victor S. Barnes Co. - Plant #21701 Porter St SWSuite 6Wyoming45000.0
Health/HospitalWACPAV (spectrum)WACPAV (spectrum)330 BarclayGrand Rapids136282.0
OfficeWade TrimBay City Wade Trim Office1403 S. Valley Center DriveBay City7800.0
OfficeWade TrimDetroit Wade Trim Office500 Griswold Street, Suite 2500Detroit13661.0
OfficeWade TrimFlint Wade Trim Office555 South Saginaw Street, Suite 201Flint12233.0
OfficeWade TrimGaylord Wade Trim Office4241 Old US 27 S, Suite 1Gaylord8640.0
OfficeWade TrimGrand Rapids Wade Trim Office2851 Charlevoix Drive SE, Suite 108Grand Rapids5291.0
OfficeWade TrimTaylor Wade Trim Office25251 Northline RoadTaylor37335.0
OfficeWade TrimTraverse City Office10850 East Traverse Highway, Suite 2260Traverse City5375.0
OfficeWalker-Miller Energy ServicesWalker-Miller Energy Services8045 Second AveDetroit30000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceWall Street TowingWall Street Towing876 RailroadYpsilanti8000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceWalters Gardens- GreenhouseWalters Gardens- Greenhouse1992 96th AveZeeland240000.0
OfficeWalters Gardens- Main BuildingWalters Gardens- Main Building96th AveZeeland240000.0
EducationWaukazoo Elementary SchoolWaukazoo Elementary School1294 W Lakewood BlvdHolland67730.0
UniversityWayne State University1011 East Ferry1011 East Ferry StreetDetroit13737.0
UniversityWayne State University1200 Holden1200 Holden StreetDetroit52896.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityWomens Softball Facility1300 West Warren AvenueDetroit4100.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityStadium Auxiliary Building1401 Edsel Ford Service DriveDetroit10017.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityStadium1401 Edsel Ford Service DriveDetroit24456.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityWSU Macomb Education Center16480 Hall RoadDetroit29000.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityPharmacy and Health Sciences Building259 Mack AvenueDetroit285258.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityMetropolitan Center for High Technology2727 2nd BoulevardDetroit250000.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityC. S. Mott Center275 East Hancock StreetDetroit79688.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityMedical Education Commons320 East Canfield AvenueDetroit120843.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityBonstelle Theatre3424 Woodward AvenueDetroit42046.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityElliman Building421 E Canfield StreetDetroit96765.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityWDET Transmitter4500 Cass AvenueDetroit1883.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityUniversity Towers4500 Cass AvenueDetroit355658.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityJacob House451 Reuther MallDetroit8990.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityLaw School/Library Building471 West Palmer AvenueDetroit167531.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityDavid Mackenzie House4735 Cass AvenueDetroit6923.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityHillberry Theatre4743 Cass AvenueDetroit46313.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityThompson Home4756 Cass AvenueDetroit32043.0
UniversityWayne State University5035 Woodward Building5035 Woodward AvenueDetroit17763.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityGeneral Lectures5045 Anthony Wayne DriveDetroit30073.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityBiological Sciences Building5047 Gullen MallDetroit133514.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityScience and Engineering Library5048 Gullen MallDetroit116457.0
UniversityWayne State UniversitySTEM Building5048 Gullen MallDetroit116457.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityEngineering Development Center5050 Anthony Wayne DriveDetroit265740.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityMatthaei Physical Education Center5101 John C. Lodge Service DriveDetroit155935.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityDavid Adamany Undergraduate Library5155 Gullen MallDetroit310965.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityHelen DeRoy Aparts5200 Anthony Wayne DriveDetroit207767.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityPrentis Building/DeRoy Auditorium5201 Cass AvenueDetroit82366.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityRands House5229 Cass AvenueDetroit19670.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityAthletic Multi-Purpose Indoor Facility5301 John C. Lodge Service DriveDetroit35166.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityGordon H Scott Hall of Basic Medical Science540 East Canfield AvenueDetroit498590.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityReuther Library5401 Cass AvenueDetroit73955.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityEducation Building5425 Gullen MallDetroit106076.0
UniversityWayne State University5425 Woodward Building5425 WoodwardDetroit48009.0
UniversityWayne State University5435 Woodward Avenue5435 Woodward AvenueDetroit27177.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityMortuary Sciences Building5439 Woodward AvenueDetroit39085.0
UniversityWayne State University5447 Woodward Avenue5447 Woodward AvenueDetroit33122.0
UniversityWayne State UniversitySchauver Music Building5451 Cass AvenueDetroit36088.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityBeecher House5475 Woodward AvenueDetroit19458.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityHelen Vera Prentis Lande Building550 East Canfield AvenueDetroit109435.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityGrounds/ University Custodial5743 Woodward AvenueDetroit35123.0
UniversityWayne State University5900 Second Building5900 Second BoulevardDetroit23534.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityComputing Services Center5925 Woodward AvenueDetroit57738.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityRackham Educational Memorial Building60 Farnsworth AvenueDetroit128285.0
UniversityWayne State University60 West Hancock60 West Hancock AvenueDetroit5379.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityWestinghouse6000 Cass AvenueDetroit4000.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityWSU Police Department6050 Cass AvenueDetroit34075.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityIBIO Building6135 Woodward AvenueDetroit127070.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityChatsworth Tower Apartments630 Williams MallDetroit125405.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityTowers Residence Hall655 West Kirby AvenueDetroit307281.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityPhysics Building666 West Hancock AvenueDetroit108760.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityCIT Building77 West Canfield AvenueDetroit20944.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityWayne State Bookstore82 West Warren AvenueDetroit29447.0
UniversityWayne State UniversitySkillman Freer Knapp Building87 East Ferry AvenueDetroit91488.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityManoogian906 West Warren AvenueDetroit30073.0
UniversityWayne State UniversitySt. Andrews Church918 Ludington MallDetroit17840.0
UniversityWayne State University95 West Hancock95 West Hancock StreetDetroit23528.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityWSU Advanced Technology Education Center14601 East Twelve Mile RoadWarren39552.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityWelcome Center42 West Warren AvenueDetroit66936.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityCommunity Arts Building450 Reuther MallDetroit53062.0
UniversityWayne State UniversitySimons Building4809 Woodward AvenueDetroit54454.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityManufacturing Engineering Building4815 Fourth StreetDetroit46145.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityOld Main4841 Cass AvenueDetroit436295.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityEngineering Technology Building4855 Fourth StreetDetroit24893.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityMcGregor Conference Center495 Ferry MallDetroit28922.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityLife Sciences Building5000 Gullen MallDetroit59904.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityScience Hall5045 Cass AvenueDetroit137370.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityMacabees Building5057 Woodward AvenueDetroit288419.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityChemistry Building5101 Cass AvenueDetroit228910.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityFrederick Linsell House5104 Gullen MallDetroit6581.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityState Hall5143 Cass AvenueDetroit163527.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityMort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center5210 Gullen MallDetroit79399.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityStudent Center5221 Gullen MallDetroit219863.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityStudent Center (2)5221 Gullen MAllDetroit219863.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityPurdy Library5244 Gullen MallDetroit162770.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityKresge Library5294 Gullen MallDetroit68272.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityUniversity Services Building5454 Cass AvenueDetroit97291.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityShapero Hall (Natural Sciences)5501 Gullen MallDetroit41181.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityRichard Cohn Building5557 Cass AvenueDetroit89638.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityAcademic Administration Building (AAB)5700 Cass AveDetroit134678.0
UniversityWayne State University5959 Woodward5959 Woodward AvenueDetroit147258.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityFaculty/Administration Building (FAB)656 West Kirby AvenueDetroit158065.0
UniversityWayne State UniversityBioengineering Building818 West Hancock AvenueDetroit46300.0
OfficeWayne State University - Academic Administration BuildingWayne State University - Academic Administration Building5700 Cass AvenueDetroit134678.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceWebasto Roof Systems Bond Street WarehouseWebasto Roof Systems Bond Street Warehouse2817 Bond StreetRochester Hills40337.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialWebasto Roof Systems W1 AssemblyWebasto Roof Systems W1 Assembly2700 Product DriveRochester Hills91000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceWebasto Roof Systems W2 WarehouseWebasto Roof Systems W2 Warehouse1785 Northfield DriveRochester Hills34620.0
Health/HospitalWebasto Roof Systems W3 Test LabWebasto Roof Systems W3 Test Lab2691 Product DriveRochester Hills23525.0
OfficeWebasto Roof Systems W4 Group OfficeWebasto Roof Systems W4 Group Office1757 Northfield DriveRochester Hills42000.0
Health/HospitalWest Branch Regional Medical CenterWest Branch Regional Medical Center2463 S. M-30West Branch123530.0
RetailWest Michigan Office InteriorsWest Michigan Office Interiors300 E 40th StHolland110000.0
EducationWest Ottawa High School - NorthWest Ottawa High School - North3685 Butternet DrHolland335000.0
EducationWest Ottawa High School - SouthWest Ottawa High School - South3600 152nd AveHolland247000.0
UniversityWestern Michigan UniversityWestern Michigan University1903 W Michigan AveKalamazoo52517.0
UniversityWestern Michigan University - Floyd HallWestern Michigan University - Floyd Hall1903 West Michigan AveKalamazoo302585.0
UniversityWestern Michigan University - Gilmore TheaterWestern Michigan University - Gilmore Theater1903 West Michigan AveKalamazoo94460.0
UniversityWestern Michigan University - Health and Human ServicesWestern Michigan University - Health and Human Services1903 West Michigan AveKalamazoo240000.0
OfficeWestern Michigan University - Heritage HallWestern Michigan University - Heritage Hall1903 West Michigan AveKalamazoo53079.0
UniversityWestern Michigan University - Knauss HallWestern Michigan University - Knauss Hall1903 West Michigan AveKalamazoo25924.0
UniversityWestern Michigan University - Miller AuditoriumWestern Michigan University-Miller Auditorium1903 W Michigan AveKalamazoo134155.0
UniversityWestern Michigan University - Seelye CenterWestern Michigan University - Seelye Center1903 West Michigan AveKalamazoo120950.0
UniversityWestern Michigan University - Trimpe Distributive EducationWestern Michigan University - Trimpe Distributive Education1903 West Michigan AvenueKalamazoo14845.0
UniversityWestern Michigan University - University ArenaWestern Michigan University - University Arena1903 West Michigan AvenueKalamazoo154713.0
UniversityWestern Michigan University - University Computing CenterWestern Michigan University - University Computing Center1903 West Michigan AveKalamazoo61504.0
UniversityWestern Michigan University - Waldo LibraryWestern Michigan University - Waldo Library1903 W. Michigan AveKalamazoo261858.0
Health/HospitalWestern Michigan University-Sindecuse Health CenterWestern Michigan University-Sindecuse Health Center1903 W Michigan AveKalamazoo56157.0
OtherWide World Sports LLCWide World Sports LLC2140 Oak Valley Dr.2140 Oak Valley Dr.Ann Arbor70000.0
OfficeWilliams Office EquipmentWilliams Office Equipment312 West Elm StreetCheboygan1240.0
Multi-FamilyWillys Overland LoftsWilly's Overland Lofts, LLC444 W WILLIS STDetroit159438.0
EducationWinter Sun SchoolhouseWinter Sun Schoolhouse5248 Henry StreetNorton Shores9600.0
EducationWoodside Elementary SchoolWoodside Elementary School2591 N Division AveHolland70655.0
OfficeWorden Co. 199Worden Co. 199199 E 17th StHolland11000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialWorden Co. 200Worden Co. 200200 E 17th StHolland55000.0
Manufacturing/IndustrialWorden Co. 462Worden Co. 462462 Lincoln AveHolland53000.0
Retaily-Knot Embroideryy-Knot Embroidery200 Holton Rd.Suite EMuskegon800.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceYacht Basin Marina - Bay Building (Docks B, C, D, E1-33)Yacht Basin Marina - Bay Building (Docks B, C, D, E1-33)1862 Ottawa Beach RDHolland10000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceYacht Basin Marina - Building 1 (In/Out Building & A-dock)Yacht Basin Marina - Building 1 (In/Out Building & A-dock)1862 Ottawa Beach RDHolland30000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceYacht Basin Marina - F-dock (Docks F & E34-71)Yacht Basin Marina - F-dock (Docks F & E34-71)1872 Ottawa Beach RDHolland10000.0
RetailYacht Basin Marina - Plaza BuildingYacht Basin Marina - Plaza Building1862 Ottawa Beach RDHolland10000.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceYacht Basin Marina- Building 2Yacht Basin Marina- Building 21861 Ottawa Beach RDHolland33000.0
Health/HospitalZeeland Community HospitalZeeland Community Hospital8333 Felch StreetZeeland309000.0
EducationZeeland Public School - New Groningen ElementaryZeeland Public School - New Groningen Elementary10542 Chicago DrZeeland65446.0
EducationZeeland Public Schools - Adams ElementaryZeeland Public Schools - Adams Elementary7447 Adams StZeeland65316.0
EducationZeeland Public Schools - Administration OfficeZeeland Public Schools - Administration Office183 W Roosevelt AveZeeland8500.0
EducationZeeland Public Schools - Cityside MiddleZeeland Public Schools - Cityside Middle320 E Main Stzeeland193621.0
EducationZeeland Public Schools - Creekside MiddleZeeland Public Schools - Creekside Middle179 W Roosevelt AveZeeland113612.0
EducationZeeland Public Schools - Early Childhood CenterZeeland Public Schools - Early Childhood Center140 W McKinleyZeeland24925.0
EducationZeeland Public Schools - East HighZeeland Public Schools - East High3333 96th AveZeeland242909.0
EducationZeeland Public Schools - Lincoln ElementaryZeeland Public Schools - Lincoln Elementary60 E LincolnZeeland52639.0
EducationZeeland Public Schools - Quincy ElementaryZeeland Public Schools - Quincy Elementary10155 Quincy StZeeland62000.0
EducationZeeland Public Schools - Roosevelt ElementaryZeeland Public Schools - Roosevelt Elementary175 W Roosevelt AveZeeland57010.0
Warehouse/Distribution/ServiceZeeland Public Schools - TransportationZeeland Public Schools - Transportation720 E Main StZeeland49464.0
EducationZeeland Public Schools - West HighZeeland Public Schools - West High3390 100th AveZeeland246053.0
EducationZeeland Public Schools - Woodbridge ElementaryZeeland Public Schools - Woodbridge Elementary9110 Woodbridge DrZeeland61800.0

Bridge Commercial Real Estate 900 Squirrel LLC900 North Squirrel Road Suite 150Auburn Hills120019.0