Energy Reduction

Geothermal Energy Comes to Michigan’s State Capitol Building

By Chuck Otto, USGBC-WM Staff Writer The Michigan Capitol in Lansing is in the midst of a conversion of its heating and cooling system to geothermal energy. The geothermal renovation is part of a two-year, $70 million project known as the Capitol Infrastructure Upgrade (CIU), an effort designed to bring the 138-year-old building into the…

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Primera Plastics Inc. Biggest Loser in the Warehouse & Distribution Category

Primera Plastics, Inc. produces precision plastic injection moldings. Founded in Zeeland in 1994 by Noel Cuellar, the company‚Äôs primary clients are in the automotive industry, but it also produces moldings for furniture and medical furniture manufacturers. Primera Plastics ships most of its products across the U.S. and to Mexico, although it also maintains relationships around…

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