Catalyst Partners


Catalyst Partners is a consortium of knowledge leaders committed to high-performance restorative protocols for buildings, interiors, and products. The consortium is comprised of professionals with licensures in engineering, architecture, and interiors. Our clients seek assistance in building performance optimization and certification. We act as the “catalyst” that helps our clients establish their goals and measure improvements.

Our experienced, environmentally-focused network of professionals serves a client roster that includes architects, building contractors, developers, interior designers, owners, facilities managers, and product manufacturers in companies large and small. Our work is local, regional, national, and international in scope.
We address each client’s unique needs by matching them with a carefully selected team of environmental experts. Our team works closely with the client, from project planning through completion, to assure the prescribed environmental objectives are incorporated into, and properly documented for, the project.
We help project teams establish restorative strategies, processes, and materials they will need to design, construct, operate, and certify environmentally responsible buildings, building portfolios, campuses, and tenant spaces using proven metrics.
We provide energy assessment, energy modeling, and a full suite of commissioning services to guide high-performance building systems decisions and document LEED requirements and other green building standards (BREEAM, ENERGY STAR, Living Building Challenge, etc). We align these services by evaluating economic benefits and preparing the documentation necessary for the Energy Policy Act (EPAct) tax and other utility rebates.