The State of Michigan, DTMB, South Grand Building was Awarded for the 2022 Michigan Battle of the Buildings Competition in the Office Category

The State of Michigan South Grand Building is a 177,971 sq ft facility housing the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, located in Downtown Lansing. At this location they were able to address the following in their energy efficiency efforts: customer complaints about poor light quality; eliminate rapidly occurring ballast/light fixture repair work order; and estimated they could save a significant amount of energy per fixture. The facility accomplished two projects that contributed to their energy reduction - CREE Smart Cast LED and HVAC modifications. The facility saw an overall reduction of 19.61% in the 2022 Michigan Battle of the Buildings competition.

Beginning late in 2021, staff converted 100% of the lighting in the building to CREE Smart Cast LED Fixtures. With efficiency as their goal, the facility’s electricians placed amp probes on the old fluorescent fixtures and compared them to the new LED. They estimated they could save at least 30% on lighting alone, as well as thermal load. Each fixture has integrated sensors, electronics and software that interact with each other to provide optimal lighting in a space. They have a daylight harvesting feature and continuously detect room occupancy. This intelligent lighting system delivers a comfortable, cost-effective lighting experience. For the HVAC modifications, they

adjusted HVAC system schedules so start times are closer to actual tenant occupancy. Additionally they staggered start-ups of the HVAC and other building equipment to avoid large draws. The projects have a payback of less than 8 years. Overall, the LED Replacement Project was a great success. In addition to the huge energy savings, they received an abundance of compliments about the “crisp new look” of the LED fixtures from customers.

The Building Operations Division (BOD) values are set in place to optimize the functionality of operations while also being responsible stewards of taxpayer revenue. The BOD mission, specifically as related to their energy reduction projects, is to be consistently reviewing building systems and replacing equipment, which helps with energy efficiency and long-term costs.  Building efficiency and responsible practices are necessary to meet the governor’s goal to combat climate change and achieve statewide decarbonization by 2050.

The BOD’s future plans for sustainability include reducing the State of Michigan footprint by forecasting what the new Michigan modern workplace might look like in their buildings and how to best optimize the space, as well as continuing to reduce utility usage and operating costs. This could occur in several ways, from implementing a Hotel Space Platform to creating commons areas in their buildings. One definitive targeted initiative that is quite relevant to sustainability is to complete the Smart LED lighting conversion in all building offices and conference rooms. This approach to energy efficiency and sustainability engages proven energy saving measures while still seeking out new technologies and practices for the future. Another notable sustainable project in their future is looking to provide power via solar panels. A project is currently underway at the State of Michigan Warehouse Complex that will support 100% of the electric power to the complex.

We were excited to celebrate the State of Michigan, DTMB, South Grand Building’s accomplishments in energy efficiency at our annual Michigan Energy Summit on April 18, 2023 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where they were awarded in the Office Category!